Sunday, March 30, 2008

>>>>> L$ 500 000 <<<< Five Hundred Thousand

>> Five Hundred Thousand <<

Yes... it happened. L$500 000 lindens promised by PayRobot spankme! He signed a promissory note to pay his Mistress L$500 000 in 24 monthly installments! The first month L$22917 arrived today. Read legal agreement he had to sign (click to enlarge):

For his convenience donation meter has been established at my Temple:)

Do you have any doubts now? My dear reader... I make rules here and I take what I want!

Meet the True Goddess of Financial Domination

Hard to imagine that kind of money? Not really..
Just take a look , the first month paid L$22917

Of course I took my PayRobot shopping today as well... I had to get a new ring! This is what I got from my lovely slave: (click to enlarge)

It costs L$999, the most expensive ring in the store :P here is the 'bill' lol...
there is another L$1500, he sent this because I had to buy some new model poses.

Second Rent bill: Remeber second rent bill? (look previous post) oh dont mind, spankme adopted it now... it's $L3900 weekly. So the rest of you slaves need to wait for new bills hehe$L4000 from loyal slave
I had a great session at dungeon in Platinum Hotel with Sleort, (btw: anybody can rent this extra large dungeon for just L$50). But most of the time he got his ass whipped hahaha, so I think that's not what he expected... but we will see if he can keep his promise. It's our little secret, right Sleort?
CARLA DELUCA exposed!!!
omg! I can't believe what I have seen in my Temple! Carla Deluca - so called financial dominatrix - she was completely naked wearing only belt with scripted wallet attached to it! I asked her what happened !?!? She said that from now on she is a total slut and don't want to be a dominatrix anymore! I clicked few times on her wallet and this is what I got:

OMG! L$400 ... (the L$4000 is the tribute sent by Sleort for a BDSM session). I took 400 lindens from that 'domme'! she is a total slut now, I decided to expose her name just to humiliate her even more because I guess this is what she deserved! Hahaha.. here is her profile:
As you can see I invited her to my group 'Temple of Goddess Anabella'. This is so funny! I want to own this slut! Having former financial domme on a leash is something extraordinary!
unfortunately she had to go offline very fast, so we didn't have time to talk this further. I belive she gt too scared hahaha... but hey carla... I think after you got exposed here I have a feeling we are going to meet again *giggles

What can I say! I'm in shock!

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