Friday, March 14, 2008

Cheers to me!

spankme lost L$2000 yesterday, we had a short session, boot licking, ass kissing, and of course spanking or rather whipping. You should see his ass, I forgot to take pics , that's why we need to repeat this lol... too bad for your ass. spankme was locked in the cell for night with cuffed extremely thight. I really loved it because in the morning I received L$5000 tribute! That's amazing, I need to cuff the rest of my slaves on regular basis. On the other hand,I always dream of catching a stranger and lock him in the cell, keep him cuffed, and slowly torture the animal all night. I hope somebody finally figures out how to kidnap another avatar and send me a script ROFL. Of course it would be illegal in SL, but almost nothing is legal there now so who cares.
* * *
Doc is finally back and contributed $L2500 to my Island Fund. Soon I'm gonna post the list of best paying slaves, this will motivate you bitches to work harder for your Goddess! Lazy sluts and broke noobs will be permanently banned from my Empire.
* * *
marcus sent $L1500. Very nice however it would be even better if you adopt one of my bills, next time when you get online please send IM and I'll teleport your ass to my Temple

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