Friday, November 30, 2007

Temple of Goddess Anabella

Finally I was able to finish my Temple! Yes! For all of my addicted slaves and new subs! Now you can visit my Temple, pray and tribute even when I am offline :) Amazing isn't it? How to visit my Temple? Go to 'Platinum Escort Club' and you will see a big sign there 'Temple of Goddess Anabella' teleport downstairs and enjoy my new temple. You can pray and worship the only Goddess in SecondLife! I'm waiting for you tributes slaves!

Here are recent wallet rapings:)

hypno - L14 500

this sissy is my best slave so far, she paid all that money in previous days, now regularly praying in my Temple:)

Alter - brand new sub, he was a noob with no payment info on file, but decided to buy lindens for me! Very good boy! his first tribute - L500 ! I think , that's a good start! See you soon boy!

slave jon paid L4500, sad you can't be online more often anymore?

asskissing sub send L2000, this sexy pic is for you. I know you will love it :P

sissy martin L1000 - when you start to work and make more for your Mistress?

Vincent - L500 - I'm not going to even comment this. He is soooo broke now LOL

joe - L1500 , I want you to take me shopping this weekend, so better be online

Zirg - where are you!?!? It is time to pay my rent...unless you want somebody else to take that responsibility!?

I plan to take some photos during the weekend in my new temple! If you want to attend the photo session and model with me as my slave! send polite IM!

And the most important thing. To all of you sending those stupid messages: Why you didnt mention me on your blog since I paid you L3000 for a session. The answer is simple, it was BDSM,FEMDOM session and you did not approach me as a money slave. I do sessions with all kind of slaves, but I do not write about them on this blog because this place is for money slaves only! I do FEMDOM,BDSM sesssions with many slaves during the week. If you are interested in that kind of servitude - you know what to do :) just contact me :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

never trust a noob!

Alright, I tried to be nice to some of you! Wanted to give you a chance to serve, even if you don't have money. You can always find some work and send earnings to your Mistress! I thought that if I train a newbie, find him a job and try to be really nice to him then there is a big chance to turn him into a really good slave.

Of course I was wrong, it is impossible to turn a loser with empty wallet into a good slave. I admit - it was the biggest mistake so far to allow few wannabe newbie subs around me! Many people were saying: don't be such a mean bitch, take that poor broke boy, he will work for you really hard.

I'm telling all of you little bastards! Let's make a deal! First find a job and AFTER you earn your first money contact me! Do not bother with your promises because I will never ever trust a noob again!

here are some good slaves drained recently :

hypno - this is so easy to rape his wallet ROFL - I am laughing at you each time I see you! hypno is working as an escort and she is very good at this! I know it because I take all what she earn :) plus a litte bit more:) total raping over weekend 5000L , plus little sunday wallet draining 4500

jon - 4500 L :) - ...send more!!!

sissy martin - 1500L

joe - 1000L - good start boy

Vincent - 856L - "Sorry Mistress , that's all I have" LOL , ask me if I care?

* * *

Thursday, November 15, 2007


[15:58] Puttyboy Plunkett: Where did you send it?
[16:01] Anabella Spark: im sure its not your sister now
[16:01] Anabella Spark: you created this email idiot
[16:01] Puttyboy Plunkett: Why do you say that?
[16:02] Anabella Spark: because you are not afraid
[16:02] Puttyboy Plunkett: Only because I know you won't do it.
[16:03] Puttyboy Plunkett: It was fun to pretend for a little while, though.
[16:04] Anabella Spark: you pretend?
[16:04] Puttyboy Plunkett: Well, I pretended to be afraid that you would send it.
[16:05] Anabella Spark: why
[16:06] Puttyboy Plunkett: 'Cause it was fun.
[16:06] Puttyboy Plunkett: I believed you for a while.
[16:06] Puttyboy Plunkett: And the e-mail addresses are real.
[16:06] Anabella Spark: yea, it was fun to take your money loser
[16:06] Anabella Spark: talk to your sister now, not me ok
[16:06] Anabella Spark: im done with you
[16:07] Puttyboy Plunkett: Out of curiosity, why didn't you send it?
[16:07] Anabella Spark: I SENT IT
[16:08] Puttyboy Plunkett: No you didn't. I just sent her an e-mail and she got it, but didn't mention anything else.
[16:09] Anabella Spark: well i will send again
[16:09] Puttyboy Plunkett: No, you won't. :)
[16:10] Anabella Spark: of course i will
[16:12] Puttyboy Plunkett: No, you won't. You're too nice, I think.
[16:12] Puttyboy Plunkett: You're very sweet.

after a while:

[16:19] Puttyboy Plunkett: OMG!
[16:19] Puttyboy Plunkett: She GOT IT!
[16:20] Puttyboy Plunkett: She said, "don't you use secondlife?"
[16:20] Anabella Spark: good. i will send pic of your cock
[16:20] Puttyboy Plunkett: And then she asked me my name.
[16:21] Puttyboy Plunkett: NO, don't!!

ha ha ha

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are you scared?

UPDATE: hypno was in deep trance today and couldnt stop paying 1000 each time I wanted. His total for today is 6000L :)
Additonally, I got a new slave , he paid 25000L (!!!!)
and now humiliation of old loser Vincent :

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New positions open for slaves! apply neck within!

ATTENTION SLAVES! There are many new positions for slaves:

1) builder - you must have building skills in SL

2) graphic designer

3) furniture designer

4) clothes designer

5) store/land owners

6) escorts/dancers - are you an escort or dancer - would you want to be turned into a sissy slut and work for me?

7) money slaves/cash pigs - just spoil me or take me shopping:)

I need more slaves because I work on my nightclub! It is already open for everyone to enjoy! I'm sure that it's going to be the best club in SL :-) So apply as fast as you can and serve your Goddess. After all, you want to make my dreams come true, right?

Here are some latest tributes from my current followers:

Zirg - 3000L (rent) + I managed to get 4000 out of this slut after nice face sitting scene :)

hypno - total of 5500L , she works really hard as an escort at my club!

slut martin - 2000L, and he was so horny after wearing red latex panties so send another 2000L, after a while he gave up and begged to take all.. so another 6340L was mine:) that makes total around 10 000L - good! see you soon!

slave jon - 4000L and 2000L penalty for being late ! I hate to wait slave!

sam - 1200L - your first time so thats not bad:)

Vincent - 3000L -


you might be surprised, but I have a job for noobs as well! If you are broke and no payment info on file, now you can serve Mistress Anabella as well! Contact me in SL and say: "I'm a stupid slave with no money. Can I work for you Mistress Anabella!"

now all of you can worship my boots:)

Here is a poster of my club: Platinum Escort Club

Thursday, November 1, 2007

spoiled and worshipped

alright... during the last couple of days I have beeen spoiled and worshipped a lot. Zirg paid my rent L$3000 as usual.. very good piggie! I'm so proud of you!

some other tributes from addicted slaves: jon - L$2000, vincent - L$1000

slave nejik was begging me to write about his sorry ass on my blog. Well, first he paid L$5500 and then disapeared... you are not worth to write about you. I will mute you next time idiot!

I spent my monday night playing with my slave hypno (after I drained her account - L$7000 hahaha) and my dear friend Kat. Here are some pictures...enjoy..

I love massage! They gave me very relaxing massage!

kneel and beg to worship my ass

now you can kiss...


and here are some other pix of me wearing my new outfit: