Tuesday, November 20, 2007

never trust a noob!

Alright, I tried to be nice to some of you! Wanted to give you a chance to serve, even if you don't have money. You can always find some work and send earnings to your Mistress! I thought that if I train a newbie, find him a job and try to be really nice to him then there is a big chance to turn him into a really good slave.

Of course I was wrong, it is impossible to turn a loser with empty wallet into a good slave. I admit - it was the biggest mistake so far to allow few wannabe newbie subs around me! Many people were saying: don't be such a mean bitch, take that poor broke boy, he will work for you really hard.

I'm telling all of you little bastards! Let's make a deal! First find a job and AFTER you earn your first money contact me! Do not bother with your promises because I will never ever trust a noob again!

here are some good slaves drained recently :

hypno - this is so easy to rape his wallet ROFL - I am laughing at you each time I see you! hypno is working as an escort and she is very good at this! I know it because I take all what she earn :) plus a litte bit more:) total raping over weekend 5000L , plus little sunday wallet draining 4500

jon - 4500 L :) - ...send more!!!

sissy martin - 1500L

joe - 1000L - good start boy

Vincent - 856L - "Sorry Mistress , that's all I have" LOL , ask me if I care?

* * *

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