Thursday, November 1, 2007

spoiled and worshipped

alright... during the last couple of days I have beeen spoiled and worshipped a lot. Zirg paid my rent L$3000 as usual.. very good piggie! I'm so proud of you!

some other tributes from addicted slaves: jon - L$2000, vincent - L$1000

slave nejik was begging me to write about his sorry ass on my blog. Well, first he paid L$5500 and then disapeared... you are not worth to write about you. I will mute you next time idiot!

I spent my monday night playing with my slave hypno (after I drained her account - L$7000 hahaha) and my dear friend Kat. Here are some pictures...enjoy..

I love massage! They gave me very relaxing massage!

kneel and beg to worship my ass

now you can kiss...


and here are some other pix of me wearing my new outfit:

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