Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New positions open for slaves! apply neck within!

ATTENTION SLAVES! There are many new positions for slaves:

1) builder - you must have building skills in SL

2) graphic designer

3) furniture designer

4) clothes designer

5) store/land owners

6) escorts/dancers - are you an escort or dancer - would you want to be turned into a sissy slut and work for me?

7) money slaves/cash pigs - just spoil me or take me shopping:)

I need more slaves because I work on my nightclub! It is already open for everyone to enjoy! I'm sure that it's going to be the best club in SL :-) So apply as fast as you can and serve your Goddess. After all, you want to make my dreams come true, right?

Here are some latest tributes from my current followers:

Zirg - 3000L (rent) + I managed to get 4000 out of this slut after nice face sitting scene :)

hypno - total of 5500L , she works really hard as an escort at my club!

slut martin - 2000L, and he was so horny after wearing red latex panties so send another 2000L, after a while he gave up and begged to take all.. so another 6340L was mine:) that makes total around 10 000L - good! see you soon!

slave jon - 4000L and 2000L penalty for being late ! I hate to wait slave!

sam - 1200L - your first time so thats not bad:)

Vincent - 3000L -


you might be surprised, but I have a job for noobs as well! If you are broke and no payment info on file, now you can serve Mistress Anabella as well! Contact me in SL and say: "I'm a stupid slave with no money. Can I work for you Mistress Anabella!"

now all of you can worship my boots:)

Here is a poster of my club: Platinum Escort Club

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