Thursday, December 25, 2008

Orange Promotion Session

Hello Dear Followers:) Thank you all for outstanding gifts and tons of lindens for this holiday season! I hope this is not the end but just the beginning of huge spoiling season! :-) I recently participated in this amazing promo session for Orange Light District! Enjoy...

I took some nude snapshots as well, but at the end they didnt come up well because my necklace looked weird so I decided to delete all naked ones lol
Too bad for you droolers! If you want naked session you need to send more lindens this holidays! I'm more important than your family - so dont worry about gifts for them - give all to your GODDE$$!
A loser who sends the highest tribute this christmas will get privillage to 60 minute session! 
So what are you waiting pay pigs?

BTW: I got a lot of messages with questions like why I didn't take any photo in christmas costumes etc.. or at least some christmas theme...oh... ehh... I hate to wear elf costume or shit like that so I bet you must keep dreaming... unless you find really good one and buy it for me! :)