Wednesday, October 21, 2009

movie you should see

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If you did not see this movie yet.. you should.. watch it and think about Second Life.. there are many similarities in the world described in this movie and the second life.
click the picture for the movie poster!

From the other news!
goddess needs a new computer and of course the best laptop with kick ass video card at least the one around US$2000! I will rezz deposit box in my temple soon so you can start tributing !:)) more details soon. the highest contributors will be rewarded:)

unfortunately due to the computer problems I am not able to do videos I promised :(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Preparation for a new video clip

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Alright... so far so good. Lx just transfer half of his cash from his account and started to get hard.. was jerking his pathetic cock and probably exploded before sending another half.. hahahaha you are the loser of the month and total drunk jerkoff addict. L$3400


sweet girl $. just paid L$1500 , hope she will be back soon so I can play with her mind...


slave H paid like 10 000 in the last couple of days but promised to send more. He won over US$2000 in poker... I hope to drain this loser so much very soon! I will keep you updated of course!


slave jon is back and paid L$15 000 , just before taking his wife to dinner. When I learnt about it I told him to pay me equivalent of the cost of the dinner to me in linden dollars when he comes back. I hope the bill will be huge!


Currently I am working on the video clip! I will post it soon so check out my blog frequently. I downloaded all necessary software and going to make some tests later today. This time the video will be only with me, but the next one could have one of the slave in it! so you can IM me and ask to be in the video if you really want to be famous. Your full name will not be public. However you need to be one sexy avatar. Also it would be nice if you send nice tribute before we start recording. good luck - maybe you are going to be this lucky one!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I win when you are drunk. I win when you are sober

UPDATE: new balckmail slave Michael gave me his phone #, email, home address, full name. and tributes of L$5000, L$1500 and $2600. and now he begs for not blackmailing him anymore.. ROFL
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D* was completely drunk last night... he just had too much vodka's never too much vodka for you losers. But he was wow! so drunk... I was able to drain his wallet really hard... he just begged for that... "Please destroy me, please destroy me" hahaha... L$30 000 is mine now! :D

K* spent over L$10 000 to spoil the Goddess and sent pictures of his fat cock.. now he is afraid I will post the pics on my blog and of course claims that it's not fair. lol

you are all so funny!

btw.sub m. sent L$10 000 the day after (watch previous blog post for more info about him - he owes me 30k). few days later he sent 5 000...

m. you still owe me 15 000 so better get a new loan !!!