Saturday, October 3, 2009

I win when you are drunk. I win when you are sober

UPDATE: new balckmail slave Michael gave me his phone #, email, home address, full name. and tributes of L$5000, L$1500 and $2600. and now he begs for not blackmailing him anymore.. ROFL
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D* was completely drunk last night... he just had too much vodka's never too much vodka for you losers. But he was wow! so drunk... I was able to drain his wallet really hard... he just begged for that... "Please destroy me, please destroy me" hahaha... L$30 000 is mine now! :D

K* spent over L$10 000 to spoil the Goddess and sent pictures of his fat cock.. now he is afraid I will post the pics on my blog and of course claims that it's not fair. lol

you are all so funny!

btw.sub m. sent L$10 000 the day after (watch previous blog post for more info about him - he owes me 30k). few days later he sent 5 000...

m. you still owe me 15 000 so better get a new loan !!!

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