Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pink is dangerous

mhm I love pink! Not just because it looks hot, but mostly because it makes all kind of slaves very horny for some reason. They look so confused, their minds are so weak. Of course I take advantage of that situation... guess who ALWAYS wins?
Zirg - L$ 2900 (rent)
hypno - L$ 5000 (however, I am not satisfied with your recent behaviour. You better crawl and beg for forgivness or I will 'mute' your sorry ass!)
jon - L$3300
vincent - L$2500
mark - L$12 000 (new slave! bravo!)
sissytina L$4500
PS: I need a new bed with the best animations! Who would like to take me shopping? Contact on IM :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

new pics for all of you

I got many msgs from you begging to publish more of my pics. Today I decided to make you happy and publish some new pix taken today. I hope you are going to enjoy them. btw. I love my glasses:) lol... I would like to wear sunglasses more often, but there are not many nice hair styles which could really look good with large sunglasses. On the other hand, you money slaves tribute pretty good, but of course I know you can always do better :D so work harder for your Mistress!!!

hypno - over L$ 2600, this cocksucking sissy is totally under my control
slave jon - his initial tribute was L$1000, but after conversation with me, he actually decided that I should 'clean' his account. Well ..what could I is always pleasure to rape slave's wallet. jon lost all his lindens that night : L$15667 ROFL
New boy briayan sent $L500 , but i didn't want to talk to him, he begged really nice and sent L$ 4500 in total. Good boy brayan.
Some other slaves sent tributes less than $L1000 , so I won't even mention that - when you tribute do it with respect. LOL

now... stare at my pics for a few minutes and contact me in SL:)

btw click on images to enlarge them

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Resistance is futile!

Once you start to spoil me, there is no way you can stop. This expensive habit is so strong. You just need to do it again and again... It's so easy to become an addict, so be careful what you wish for and think twice before you send your first tribute. Zirg is the perfect example of addicted piggy. She is not able to stop, but the most important thing is that she doesnt want to stop. Her life is dedicated to Mistress Anabella, the most important thing for her is to make me happy. This little slave knows how to do it. Sissy Zirg just paid L$2900 today with smile on her face.
* * *
slaveboys and sissies are good when it comes to spoiling the MISTRESS. But I love when girls are approaching, sexy submissive girls like Valkryie. Unowned and willing to submit. Sounds great! Valkryie is my new 'victim'. To satisfy my greed, she send L$5000 and now she will work at my club as well. All of you should learn from her. She is on the good way to earn more of my attention.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Small cock = pay pig and loser

UPDATE: blackmailed Putty just lost his last $L500. Don't run away offline! I will catch you next time! There is no escape!
* * *
Mr. N. just coudn't refuse when I took L$3500 from him. This slave loves thight clothes, and since my inventory is full of them there is no problem to turn him on lol
* * *
Small cock = pay pig and loser. Believe it or not, but it's true! A slave with extremely tiny cock arrived to my club and was begging to humiliate him. I think mother nature humiliated him long time ago by creating his little super small dick LOL. he wasn't able to impress me in any other way than simply hand over L$4000. This is advice to you small dickless freaks: PAY UP! That's the only way to get my attention! So my little loser couldnt stop and paid another L$2000 after we spent some time together. So the total for this pathetic slave is L$6000 plus tips hahaha.
* * *
slave jon sent L$1000 while I was offline. Thank you. Get your ass online - we need to play bitchboy!
* * *
Mysterious Mr V. is actually Vincent. He wishes to be humiliated my blohe g and his SL name exposed so the whole world can see what a pathetic loser he is. Be Careful what you wish for!! dreams come true ..especially when you are dealing with Mistress Anabella. He promised more cash, today he lost L$3000
* * *

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday - Official Loser Day in SL?

I really think that it is weird, but Saturday in SL seems to be a official loser day. The amount of freaks, pay pigs, cock suckers, and just simple slaves is huge on that day. Of course there are always some time wasters..but as usual I do not even worry about them, just simple 'mute' button solves all problems. Here is the coolest t-shirt ever. The only problem is that it is impossible to buy this t-shirt in SL, because first it must be designed there:). Well, t-shirts are the most easy to make so I think somebody can do it for me? But the text should be ' gimme your lindens' or something simillar:-)

Somebody sent a tribute while I was offline. His name starts with V... you know who you are! You sent L$2000 and left nice msg! Not bad boy and yes.. I am very happy that you are excited about my new blog and couldnt resist to send this tribute. I hope to see you online soon.
* * *

I do not like noobs... Ok I hate them, but I just got L$347 from a noob with no payment info on file. ROFL. it so funny, he said that he is a camper in SL and spend a lot of time camping for $L3 per 10 min, however he couldnt resist to send a tribute. Thats cute LOL

* * *

Now, 'hypno' is totally in cock sucking mode. She walks around SL and sucks everything LOL. She is watching a new hypnotizing clip and just simply cannot resist. I think her addiction is so strong, it would be impossible to reverse her to normal state! She sent L$1000 and then begged to suck my large pink dildo... hmmm ah she shouldnt start, because she lost another L$856, so that makes total of $L1856

* * *

slave jon just appeared today and paid L$5000 (masturbation tax lol). he begged for more hot pix on the blog. hmm how often do you stare at my pics boy?

* * *
there is a new slave lee, just paid $L800 and begged to pay my rent, he was actually doing this on the floor in my club. very funny! he ended up sending $L3000 and licking boots. Not bad. I guess we'll see each other more often..

* * *

now all of you... kiss my ass :-)

Friday, October 5, 2007

sissies work very hard

Since this blog is new. I need to tell you what happened during this week. Three days ago 'hypno' paid over L14000, mind of this sissy slut was so out of control rather I should say under my control! As you probably know, I own a club in SL, well there are certain fees to pay such as rent. But the good thing is that my very devoted paypig 'Zirg' pays my rent every week and that's L2900. Additionally, yesterday she sent L600 just because I look amazing. She is such a good and devoted sissy.
* * *
I get many messages with questions such as "can I be a whore in SL and bring all money to you". Well, if you are a guy that probably will not work, but I can always tranform you into a sissy and you can start your new job :) sissy 'hypno' is working for me in this way and she earned L2000 so far. I hope you try better next time :)
* * *
Two days ago slave 'Zen' had very interesting conversation with me. He was sending tribute every 2 minutes or so, he spent L12000 in total that day. I think that's pretty good for a pay pig like him. Today (Friday) 'Zen' couldn't resist and sent around L6000. Keep working hard for me slave! See you soon.
* * *
And now some new pics taken today. It would be easier if some professional photographer could do my pics, I just hate doing this by myself.

Mistress wants you :)

Financial Slavery enters Second Life

Welcome to my blog! I am a Mistress in RL and SL. I finally realized that after few months in SL money slavery is getting really big there. It is so interesting and fascinating how many slaves beg to serve and want to spoil me. In order to make it even more fascinating for all of us little paypigs, I decided to create this blog. You can expect many interesting things here... something extra you won't find in SL. Let's start with some of my pictures :) They are relatively old...a month.