Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Resistance is futile!

Once you start to spoil me, there is no way you can stop. This expensive habit is so strong. You just need to do it again and again... It's so easy to become an addict, so be careful what you wish for and think twice before you send your first tribute. Zirg is the perfect example of addicted piggy. She is not able to stop, but the most important thing is that she doesnt want to stop. Her life is dedicated to Mistress Anabella, the most important thing for her is to make me happy. This little slave knows how to do it. Sissy Zirg just paid L$2900 today with smile on her face.
* * *
slaveboys and sissies are good when it comes to spoiling the MISTRESS. But I love when girls are approaching, sexy submissive girls like Valkryie. Unowned and willing to submit. Sounds great! Valkryie is my new 'victim'. To satisfy my greed, she send L$5000 and now she will work at my club as well. All of you should learn from her. She is on the good way to earn more of my attention.

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