Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday - Official Loser Day in SL?

I really think that it is weird, but Saturday in SL seems to be a official loser day. The amount of freaks, pay pigs, cock suckers, and just simple slaves is huge on that day. Of course there are always some time wasters..but as usual I do not even worry about them, just simple 'mute' button solves all problems. Here is the coolest t-shirt ever. The only problem is that it is impossible to buy this t-shirt in SL, because first it must be designed there:). Well, t-shirts are the most easy to make so I think somebody can do it for me? But the text should be ' gimme your lindens' or something simillar:-)

Somebody sent a tribute while I was offline. His name starts with V... you know who you are! You sent L$2000 and left nice msg! Not bad boy and yes.. I am very happy that you are excited about my new blog and couldnt resist to send this tribute. I hope to see you online soon.
* * *

I do not like noobs... Ok I hate them, but I just got L$347 from a noob with no payment info on file. ROFL. it so funny, he said that he is a camper in SL and spend a lot of time camping for $L3 per 10 min, however he couldnt resist to send a tribute. Thats cute LOL

* * *

Now, 'hypno' is totally in cock sucking mode. She walks around SL and sucks everything LOL. She is watching a new hypnotizing clip and just simply cannot resist. I think her addiction is so strong, it would be impossible to reverse her to normal state! She sent L$1000 and then begged to suck my large pink dildo... hmmm ah she shouldnt start, because she lost another L$856, so that makes total of $L1856

* * *

slave jon just appeared today and paid L$5000 (masturbation tax lol). he begged for more hot pix on the blog. hmm how often do you stare at my pics boy?

* * *
there is a new slave lee, just paid $L800 and begged to pay my rent, he was actually doing this on the floor in my club. very funny! he ended up sending $L3000 and licking boots. Not bad. I guess we'll see each other more often..

* * *

now all of you... kiss my ass :-)

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