Sunday, February 24, 2008

Website and Forums!

I got many messages from you losers wondering where I have been for last week. I was busy with my new project. Website: and forums about financial domination in Second Life. I hope you will all enjoy it. See you in SL., piggies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Of course I wouldn't be myself without taking some money from you poor pigs. The funny thing is that cheryl after his forced intoxication session doesnt even remember how much money he sent to me :O and the most important thing that he agreed to be a DJ in my club! LOL Stuff like that really piss me off, when you ugly clowns promise something you better keep that promise or there will be consequences. I just simply mute idiots who do not keep their promise. I'm serious about it, same thing goes with paying my bills, when you sign up, you better make regular payments. I dont like to think about money when I'm shopping. haha. So cheryl wallet got more empty yesterday. He had to pay my bill L$1000 and I got nice tribute in the donation box while I was offline: L$5000. Later that day we met in my club and again cheryl had to pay: $L2500 and $L2500 for being a stupid ass slave, because he didnt know about his promise! And he found out about being a DJ at Platinum reading my blog! What a stupid drunk monkey lol. Anyway, being stupid around me cost you even more, so total tribute of L$11000 from cheryl yesterday :)
Zan paid his bills on type today. very good zan! I'm looking forward to see you soon!
Remember that guy ivan? He paid 20k to be on my list.. and in my last post I told this idiot to pay another 20k! Just because if you are so dumb to play a 'rich paypig' then you should keep it up. But of course he wasnt able to pay that much again ahahah and now everybody know what a dumb loser he is. The tribute I got from him today was L$2500. Well.. where the hell is the rest of my money, asshole? You still owe me $L17500! So better figure it out how to get money or I will simply mute your poor ass. Really guys, if you try to impress me do not make yourself to look like a fool. hahaha

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ivan lost 20k

Holly (the Platinum Manager) had a really good idea of creating the Lap Dance area. From now on all girls can take their clients to the nice and quiet lap dance area in the club. The good thing is it's totally free and some of animations include BJ. :) *giggles

* * *

Thank you to everybody who pay my bills regularly. Some of you 'forgot' to keep their promise and after a week you abandoned your bill - I have only one word to say: *muted*
Yes, That's what I do with you if your bill expire! hahha and ask me if I care? because there is actually no way for you to check out if you are muted! (unless we are in the same room which won't happen LOL)

* * *

This is a very funny story about how ivan lost L$20 000. I wasn't even online and this fag sent 20k with a request to add me to his friends list! WOW! That's a good sub! isnt it? hahha no I just laugh because what a loser you had to be to pay 20k for somebody else to add you as a 'friend'
hahaha you are the official loser of the month ivan!! total idiot!
he said that he's looking at pics on my blog regularly. Good to know, what about you take a look at this picture:

hypnotic isnt it?! ROFL

.....send another 20k ivan....send another 20k ivan....

and the rest of you at least 1k :P LOL

* * *

hypno is alive! yea! pink sissy is back and got drained for $L 3000 the first day:)

* * *

Zirg is the real pig! hahahahah this sissy slut is back and after hard session she begged me to kiss my ass, take a look at this sexy pics:

6 x $L1000 + $L1500 = $L7500 - this is what you get when you are a total addict to Anabella:)

on the other hand, just look at this perfect ass! who wouldnt want facesitting?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dungeon - The work is over!

Finally I got some time to finish the dungeon. I was planning this for a long time, and now finally everybody can see what I have done. At Platinum Escort Club, just find the big poster and the teleport. Anybody can use this outstanding place, it's the part of Platinum Hotel , just L50/15 min, however this is not just another hotel room. My newest dungeon is of the size of my temple, with most wanted toys, basically everything what I good Dominatrix needs:). Since I have been in SL for some time, I must admit that I do not like most of SL dungeons. They are too small, and furniture are either not working properly or there is not enough of them. So here I am with my own idea how to have a good BDSM session in SL. There is enough room for everybody, all toys work perfectly and bed is included as well. I will not post any pics of the dungeon because you should go and look at this amazing creation by yourself. Ah..and little note to all slaves who pay my bills, I didnt buy anything this week, just some 3 outfits, the rest money I invested in toys for a dungeon:), so all of you can enjoy it. WOW... I'm so good, am I????

Some recent tributes:

mike - L$2000 (5 x 500)

lester - L$2000, L$500, <-- this idiot wanted forced intoxication session, however was to drunk to type... so whats the point to ask for a session if you are already drunk HAHAHA L8x - L$3,486 , 2500 <-- alright. I warned a lot of you about this idiot L8x. He pretended to be a money mistress, when banned from my club, this sissy slut came back on her knees begging for forgiveness. First I cleaned his account: L$3486 and after some painful session, L$2500. But that's not enough of course, I'm still waiting for 20k you promised! I'm angry at this loser, because it's not only about me anymore, this idiot was bugging my slaves, dont touch what is not your L8x! Finally you ended up on your knees before a true Goddess!
cheryl - 2000 <--- and where the hell are you? I expect at least a message from you!
slave jon - 4500 <--- I'm not even going to comment that! hahaha
matrin - 3500

Friday, February 1, 2008

>>>>> L$136 000 <<<<<

This was my best day in SL so far! The total tribute from 3 slaves today was L$136 000 (!!!). This is absolutely amazing! I am proud of my slaves and I am so proud of myself! I was able to manipulate their minds and turn them into complete pay pigs. This is how it all started:

Three of my worshippers (mike, zirg, zan) begged me to sit down at the table with them. They paid over $L1000 just for that privillage, however sitting is not in my style:) I love to dance and everybody knows it. So I assume they liked my hypnotic dance,because each of them sent some lindens, 500, 1000 etc. It looked really funny, so thats the moment when I first thought about this evil plan came up. Let them play a game. First slave sends a tribute, second one must send more, third one more than previous one, and so on... this made them send money like crazy! It was too hard to keep track on their tributes, so I asked them to use tip jar! lol. and thats where fun began. You shouldnt change the rules during the game, but who cares when you are playing with slaves and more important with complete pay pigs who do no want anything else just to spoil you!? Of course you can change rules! Now the rules where even more evil: a slave must tribute more than the previous one, if he wont - he can send less money - but must do striptease. The winner is a slave who such a large tribute, so the others give up:)

Here are the tributes as their happened in real time:

tributes before the game started:

mike $L1000, zirg L$2,222 , $L1234,

zan 20 x $200 = $L4000

tributes during the game (zirg begins sending the first tribute):

Total tributes during the game and in the whole day :)

mike 1st place : $L66542

zirg 2nd place : $L51737

zan 3rd place : $L17301

So this is not only one wallet raped but 3 at the same time in less than 2 hours!
Here are some screenshots taken after the game ended. You can click on each of them to enlarge.I told sissy zirg to suck off zan hahaha:) that was his award for the 3rd place :)

here is zirg,me & extra large dildo. she's being awarded for the 2nd place (zan in the back waiting near pillory for a whipping :)

mike is being awarded for the 1st place !!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I am so glad that cheryl visited my temple again: $L3000 :) She sends tributes automatically when in the temple. Good girl.

I had really nice time with sleort again. We had a really intense session. Hope you cum again to me :P $L8000

Finally Lester adopted one of my bills - Hair Styles. Additionally he sent tribute today as well: $L1000,L$500

So now there are only TWO bills left for you little pay pigs! ! What are you waiting for?!oink oink and adpot the last two bills !
Rent - $L3750/week - ***ADOPTED by Zirg
Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Strawgaryfields
Latex/Leather Clothes - $L1000/week - *** ADOPTED by Danni
Sexy Belts - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Mike
Boots/Shoes - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zanander
Hair Styles - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by Lester DeCuir
Jewelry - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by Zanander
Bra/Panty - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Cheryl
Bikini - L$1000/week - *** ADOPTED by Doc
Corsets - L$1500/week -
Classifieds - $L1000/week -

To rest of you wankers who just read my blog and dont tribute! If you need more stimulation look at those pics *giggles and send your lindens

you can even have a drink...

or two...let me step on you...

lick it...