Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dungeon - The work is over!

Finally I got some time to finish the dungeon. I was planning this for a long time, and now finally everybody can see what I have done. At Platinum Escort Club, just find the big poster and the teleport. Anybody can use this outstanding place, it's the part of Platinum Hotel , just L50/15 min, however this is not just another hotel room. My newest dungeon is of the size of my temple, with most wanted toys, basically everything what I good Dominatrix needs:). Since I have been in SL for some time, I must admit that I do not like most of SL dungeons. They are too small, and furniture are either not working properly or there is not enough of them. So here I am with my own idea how to have a good BDSM session in SL. There is enough room for everybody, all toys work perfectly and bed is included as well. I will not post any pics of the dungeon because you should go and look at this amazing creation by yourself. Ah..and little note to all slaves who pay my bills, I didnt buy anything this week, just some 3 outfits, the rest money I invested in toys for a dungeon:), so all of you can enjoy it. WOW... I'm so good, am I????

Some recent tributes:

mike - L$2000 (5 x 500)

lester - L$2000, L$500, <-- this idiot wanted forced intoxication session, however was to drunk to type... so whats the point to ask for a session if you are already drunk HAHAHA L8x - L$3,486 , 2500 <-- alright. I warned a lot of you about this idiot L8x. He pretended to be a money mistress, when banned from my club, this sissy slut came back on her knees begging for forgiveness. First I cleaned his account: L$3486 and after some painful session, L$2500. But that's not enough of course, I'm still waiting for 20k you promised! I'm angry at this loser, because it's not only about me anymore, this idiot was bugging my slaves, dont touch what is not your L8x! Finally you ended up on your knees before a true Goddess!
cheryl - 2000 <--- and where the hell are you? I expect at least a message from you!
slave jon - 4500 <--- I'm not even going to comment that! hahaha
matrin - 3500

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