Thursday, July 30, 2009

The quick L$10,000

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Absolutely new record! I received a tribute of L$10,000 and it was actually done even quicker than my previous L$6000 tribute from j.n! Can you belive that? :) And the most exciting thing is that the tributer was a girl! I always say that girls rule even when they are submissive! So imagine that, this sweet girl approach me and just asked stright if she could pay me to work as dancer in my club for one hour! First of all, I tried to explain that we don't hire people for only one hour and there is no need to pay money to be a dancer at Platinum Club. I just thought she misunderstood some of our rules, and comparing to the number of fake clubs and typical criminals who just steal ideas and money from people everyday offering some wannabe clubs, I wasn't surprised that some people can get confused. But she wasn't confused and admitted to be my secret admirer and she wanted to pay me because I deserved it! So sweet, especially that she is a girl.
Here is the conversation:

[17:53] Sxx Xxxxxx: Hi sweety :)
[17:54] Anabella Spark: hi
[17:54] Sxx Xxxxxx: I have a funny fantasy of sorts I think might enjoy lol. How much would it cost to be a Platinum dancer for an hour? :)
[17:55] Anabella Spark: we dont hire people for an hour heh
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxx: noooo, I pay you :)
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxx: to be a dancer for an hour :)
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxxx: I said it unusual ~giggles~
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxxx: well funny
[17:55] Anabella Spark: why would you pay me
[17:56] Anabella Spark: doesnt make sense
[17:56] Sxxx Xxxxxx: because am crazy and I not make sense :)
[17:56] Sxxx Xxxxxx: why do men open their wallets to you anyway? they just crazy :p
[17:56] Sxxx Xxxxxx: this a quickie way to make free money :)
[17:57] Sxxx Xxxxxx: 10k for 1hr? :)
[17:57] Anabella Spark: sure :) hehe
[17:57] Sxxx Xxxxxx: kay
[17:57] Sxxx Xxxxxx: I'll abide by all the terms you have for a Dancer for 1hr :)
[17:58] Sxxx Xxxxxx: but have to give me a dancer tag for 1hr :)
[17:58] Anabella Spark: Invitation sent. your tag should be Platinum Dancer, if for some reason it displays Platinum Escort please go to Contacts -> Groups -> Platinum Escort Club -> Info -> My Active Title to change your title
[17:58] Sxxx Xxxxxx: wait sec :( have to remove a group
[17:59] Sxxx Xxxxxx: okay ready again, sorries.
[18:00] Sxxx Xxxxxx: ~bounces excitedly~ can you invite again? I had to remove a few groups.
[18:02] Sxxx Xxxxxxi: Thankyou! ~kisses cheek and waves~
[18:02] Anabella Spark: hmm ok
[18:03] Anabella Spark: no, I knew one day this will happen. People will pay to get a job at my club :P
[18:04] Sxxx Xxxxxx: hahaha ~laughs and smiles~

So cute isn't it? I doubt all of you male slaves can think 500 years and would never figure out how to make such a nice way to tribute. Or maybe I am wrong? Prove that you can be creative as well. I'm waiting for new ideas to make us all laugh, if you are good enough you may even read about yourself in my next post:)

slave p.t paid L$7500 and is willing to pay all my SL bills, I'm not sure if he knows how much I really spend, because you are not the only one who love to spoil myself. I like to spoil myself too and I never count money when I go shopping:) Usually, I go shopping alone, unless a slave is willing to carry bags behind me and keep his credit card in his mouth just waiting to pay bills.

slave o. bought 25 things, mostly clothes, on xstreetsl as a gift. It's a nice way to make me happy as well, however never do this without contacting me first because I want to decide what kind of shit you are going to throw in my inventory lol. I would love to see xstreetsl having feature to create wishlists! mmm.. so slave o. spent over L$20,000 for shopping on xstreet for me. So after thinking about it, I decided to create my own wishlist on xstreet. I will simply post links to specific product on there and you will be able to click the button "Purchase as a gift" button. But remember since there is no wishlist feature, you will always need to contact me in SL before buying anything - because I need to be online in order to accept inventory. am I right? At least this is what the warning window says when you buy anything on xstreet.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another photo session

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Another photo session with one of my special slaves! Would you want to have photo session with me? LOL no way. it is reserved only for special pets. If you are reading this post and your SL account is not even verified you have looooooooooooong way to go before I even speak to you loser!

J.n is back and paid L$6250 just in 5 minutes, then he had to logged off! He just asked how much I wanted, paid, and logged off. That's how all of you should do. Life would be much easier if you knew your real purpose.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flood of Money

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I decided to wait a few days before releasing those sexy pictures of my feet, becasuse I know how many foot fetishists will drool here now and then contact me in SL begging to spoil me and begging for permission to worship my feet. I had to wait a few days because my previous posts turned a lot of you into complete zombies. Looks like you got so turned on, your brain became so intoxicated by my power and I had so many of you begging for attention and sending tributes you can't even imagine. This is so powerful and you are getting so addicted to me. You are no longer able to function normally. It affects your life in SL and what's most important, it affects your RL life and I must admit I absolutely love the idea of turning you into complete freaks.

slaves like R. who is sitting in my temple and watching the mysterious light over my picture and sending 500L every few minutes for a very long period of time, ends up with his brain totally in mess and I end up with a few thousand linden dollars more on my account.
M24 is broke now after playing another pay per stroke game, I guess you will need to apply for new credit card because you didn't see what a greedy goddess like me can do!
I'm not even want to write about slave H. here, he just bought me a nice photo studio and all my next photos will be done in my own studio. So the quality should be even better. I can't even imagine what you all addicted paypigs will do after seeing even more sexy pics.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm looking for a slave who can do simple tasks in SL. No skills are necessary, just basic SL skills. Contact me in SL.
Anabella Spark

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take me deeper

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So slave H. took me shopping two days ago and as promised in previous post I'm showing you the pictures of my sexy feet. This is the real deal for all foot/shoe fetishists. I hope you enjoy yourself bishes. And if that's not enough for you, please note that I he sent tributes of 11 x L$500 and 1 x L$1000. How much is that you can count in your poor weak heads.
sissy hypno (sorry for confusion guys, yes indeed there are two different people slave h and sissy h. which I know for years, and I will call her sissy hypno as usual) was very sleepy, but still paid L$4000. She is waiting for my next trance, I work hard on my latest one, so you still need to wait, and I know you will little addicts.
Another sissy, sissy f. loves to wear pink clothes as well and promised me a rl picture of herself in some pink clothes, unfortunately it won't be shiny clothes, how sad...She tributed L$1000.
T.G.A is a new loser I met yesterday, he had newbie skin and begged for a session, he wanted to be raped forcefully by strap-on and hear a lot of bad words. Not a surprise that he turned so fast into perverted sissy with nice skin and not so pathetic clothes. I wouldn't be myself - I had to take a pictures of this pathetic wannabe cocksucking mindless drone. Enjoy. Oh btw. he paid L$5000 of course.
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And there is a new bitchboy, I will call him slave blog.a, why? because he is a rl slave who was reading my blog and decided to join SL, just to meet and tribute me! Now, I should get some stupid % from Linden Lab for advertising their product haha, looks like more people join SL reading my blog than via their creppy website. Anyway slave blog.a paid L$2000, could be better, but not bad for the first meeting, ah actually we didn't meet yet, it was like 3 minute conversation via IM and he had to go. So still L$2000 is not bad for 3 minutes.
Is PayPig T. coming back? Looks like this "bad" habit will never go away, loserboy huh? HAHA of course not. Once you sink deep into my web, you will never be normal again, so don't even try! I received L$10,000 tribute in morning, while I was offline. No message was sent and maybe that's even better, who would like to read anything from a addicted loser without life? He doesn't have anything to say anyway. ROFL.

Pay Per Stroke Game

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Typical day for you wankers: You come here every day, drool at my pictures, you get all warm up and then go to SL. You land in the middle of the ocean because last time you got kicked or banned from the previous place for walking around naked with your dick out. You open search and look for some fun or you watch carefully your friends list, if you see my name, you hit it and write your ugly messages about how much you admire me, and how you need to be humiliated, taken advantage of, how you can't stand your addiction and you need release, you need to be used, you need to pay...
I laugh at you hard and take your money, and you get even more excited and send more cash - all your hard earned money sooner or later will end up in my bank account. You can't control your addiction. But the most weird thing of all is that you absolutely love it! hahaha you love every second of it! hahaha and it makes me laugh so hard every day when I look at your pahtetic faces!
Now... slave m24 is one of those who is drooling at my pics almost every day, I know he comes back again and again. He is not really 24, but 20! haha I wonder why he is keeping 24 in his nick, maybe he tries to look older. He is a typical masturbation addict , though he admitted that he didnt cum for at least two weeks. hmm.. I decided to play Pay Per Stroke game with him. He had to pay each time he wanted to stroke his pathetic cock. those of you who played with me know that I charge 250L per stroke, and I am serious about it. but I allowed him to go for 100 per stroke. First he bought 5 after a while 7, then 10, and it went on... imagine that huh. He wasnt able to stop. And he HAD to buy another set of strokes right after, I ended up with L$5082 in my pocket. 82 was his last money remaining on his account. hahaha I told him buy another 1000 hahaha and when he thought its finish , I took his last 500 :) Also ordered him to cum on the floor and lick it like man...errr like a loser I mean :)
sissy h. addicted but little weak today she paid L$2000 and then disapeared again after short hypnosis session in IM. her mind turns off after some trance...haha it's so funny.
slave v. paid another L$5000! this time we finally met, but not for long. told him to pay more tributes when I am offline so I dont need to see him hahaha and he agreed! lol
slave h. took me to the store again, actually twice, we went to buy shoes and today other clothes. The shoes I got are absolutely fantastic! My feet look so perfect in them. I will take pics tomorrow so dont forget all you foot fetishists to visit my blog for next post. I'm sure you wont be able to resist. Along with shopping spendings and tributes slave h. paid me over L$8500 today and I absolutely love the way he tributes. I dont even need to remind him!
* * *
Some of you should learn from good slaves mentioned on my blog, if you think why I dont write about you, then you are right.. maybe I hate you and i dont want your name to be here!?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

International Wankers Day

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So we have a first victim of my latest hypnosis trance. it's sissy h. she was watching the trance at least two time and just couldn't resit to IM me. She is known for her addiction to pink color and wearing sexy sissy contumes. As she confessed it she tried to come back to be normal again, but how can you do this after seeing the new trance? You are all so addicted that even single notice sent to the group makes that blue pop up window showing up so fast that it is so hard to press OK. All the time I see x paid you... y paid you, z paid you and so on. I am able to turn you insane in the matter of seconds and you LOVE IT! And of course I love it too! hahaha, sissy h. was so excited that she finally could talk to me. I don't even have to tell her what to do, she is sending those L$1000 tributes every few minutes. Looks like the conversation wasn't too long because I received L$3000 within a few minutes and then she disapeared probably covered with cum. It always happens to her. Thats what typical addicts and hypno junkies like you do. Most of you are insanely addicted to jerking off your little cocks that it is getting really nasty. At least you are forced to pay good money for that! It happens because of me! slave n. for example paid L$5000 today just so he can drool at me while I dance on the stage at Platinum Club. He wanted to wank so badly and was begging for permission to cum. I was able to trick him totally and after all his sufferings he just had to go away with hard on, but at least he was happy because I allowed him to lick his precum! LOL I'm sure he will be back for second round tomorrow as he promised after all he didn't cum! HAHAHA. Looks like this post will be about wankers only, but unfortunately thats what most of you are! slave d. had a session with me, he paid L$5000 but when sitted on his face, he just coudn't resist going totally "bad". He wanted to take pics, so I gave him permission to do it, but he had to pay L$1000!:) After that I wanted to have some fun and laugh hard at loser, so I ordered him to touch his hard cock using his tongue, lick it and try to suck it, unfortunately he failed to suck his own cock. hahaha looks like only few skilled slaves can do that. But after all he got permission to cum. Explosion had to be huge because we lost contact with outside world for 2 minutes after that. slave h. paid over L$3000 today, I also ordered him to find new shoes, boots for me. Goddess will try forced intoxication on him as well:), but form what I have seen so far it will not be so 'forced' :)
slave v. sent L$4000 offline tribute and send nice notecard describing his loser life. I wanted to copy and paste it here, but he promised to send more cash soon. Looks like little blackmail game is starting here. I will make him suffer. Hey v. you thank me on your knees everyday I didn't expose all those nasty things about you. All those things you are doing in SL and in RL are really disgusting. Sometimes I wonder if any of you can go even lower and more pathetic for perfect Goddess like me, but you are can't stop surprising me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Trance Released!

Finally, I was able to release a new trance. This one was written as a custom trance for sissy f. and she paid L$10,000 for it. But you the rest of sissies and slave boys can buy this trance in my HypnoMist store for just L$799. This is very unusual trance. You won't find anything like that in previous HypnoMist trances. First of all, it is extra long, so you can go deeper, it's more intense than previous ones and includes a lot of humiliation and training. This is the trance every sissy must buy!
* * *
How to buy it?
Go to Second Life and click Search button at the bottom of the screen, then choose Places and type HypnoMist. Simply teleport to the store.
Find my profile in SL, and click on Picks in my profile. You will find HypnoMist landmark there
* * *
Why I just don't post slurl link in here? Oh .. I don't feel like it. I guess you will need to think a while and find out the store. It's not that hard anyway. I know your shirnken brains work slow, but you gotta suffer bitches:)
* * *

I'm in the middle of a new photo session, so my new pics should be online very soon. So far a lot of slaves sent tributes. M24 over L$4000, sissy f. sent over 15,000, another sissy I had session with, I was transforming her into a girl, but she was already transformed so we did that second time, it was fun, our next session will focus on rl, I will make her wear sexy rl clothes and maybe do little more if she's good.
I met a new slave h. , he begged for my collar.... and was following me almost all day, he sent like over L$40,000 already and it was only within last two days. I'm gonna like this one:)
the most funny thing is... he has a sl wife. We jsut hang out in her home today ROFL..
* * *
I'm preparing a big surprise for all my followers. So watch my blog very carefully.