Saturday, July 11, 2009

International Wankers Day

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So we have a first victim of my latest hypnosis trance. it's sissy h. she was watching the trance at least two time and just couldn't resit to IM me. She is known for her addiction to pink color and wearing sexy sissy contumes. As she confessed it she tried to come back to be normal again, but how can you do this after seeing the new trance? You are all so addicted that even single notice sent to the group makes that blue pop up window showing up so fast that it is so hard to press OK. All the time I see x paid you... y paid you, z paid you and so on. I am able to turn you insane in the matter of seconds and you LOVE IT! And of course I love it too! hahaha, sissy h. was so excited that she finally could talk to me. I don't even have to tell her what to do, she is sending those L$1000 tributes every few minutes. Looks like the conversation wasn't too long because I received L$3000 within a few minutes and then she disapeared probably covered with cum. It always happens to her. Thats what typical addicts and hypno junkies like you do. Most of you are insanely addicted to jerking off your little cocks that it is getting really nasty. At least you are forced to pay good money for that! It happens because of me! slave n. for example paid L$5000 today just so he can drool at me while I dance on the stage at Platinum Club. He wanted to wank so badly and was begging for permission to cum. I was able to trick him totally and after all his sufferings he just had to go away with hard on, but at least he was happy because I allowed him to lick his precum! LOL I'm sure he will be back for second round tomorrow as he promised after all he didn't cum! HAHAHA. Looks like this post will be about wankers only, but unfortunately thats what most of you are! slave d. had a session with me, he paid L$5000 but when sitted on his face, he just coudn't resist going totally "bad". He wanted to take pics, so I gave him permission to do it, but he had to pay L$1000!:) After that I wanted to have some fun and laugh hard at loser, so I ordered him to touch his hard cock using his tongue, lick it and try to suck it, unfortunately he failed to suck his own cock. hahaha looks like only few skilled slaves can do that. But after all he got permission to cum. Explosion had to be huge because we lost contact with outside world for 2 minutes after that. slave h. paid over L$3000 today, I also ordered him to find new shoes, boots for me. Goddess will try forced intoxication on him as well:), but form what I have seen so far it will not be so 'forced' :)
slave v. sent L$4000 offline tribute and send nice notecard describing his loser life. I wanted to copy and paste it here, but he promised to send more cash soon. Looks like little blackmail game is starting here. I will make him suffer. Hey v. you thank me on your knees everyday I didn't expose all those nasty things about you. All those things you are doing in SL and in RL are really disgusting. Sometimes I wonder if any of you can go even lower and more pathetic for perfect Goddess like me, but you are can't stop surprising me.

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