Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Things I want you to by for me <--- item bought by Lola on march 30,2012 <--- item bought by Lola on march 30,2012

Use option buy as gift and send to Anabella Spark or contact me in SL.

PS: Remember that old rich loser who lost his mind because of me?

It's him a few months ago... our first meeting on his sim and in front of his yacht...

And here is him today. I have taken more than just his business and money. He lost all and now finally ready to be exposed. He started with savings, successful life, a lot of lindens $$, he never had to upload money to SL. Right now this pathetic loser can't even afford to buy clothes and need to use credit card to buy lindens $$ in SL to satisfy me. at the same time he's sinking deeper in debts in real life. But he is happy because he serves ME!