Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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If you want to participate in my first FEMDOM movie here is your chance! I am looking for:

- at least 3 actor-slaves who are ready for extreme humiliation and can offer their time and asses during the movie shooting.
- a person who has some experience with shooting movies in Second Life

Actor-slaves will not be paid, but also there is no requirement for them to pay anything in order to participate in the movie. So here is a chance for poor students to make their dream come true about meeting this Second Life most famous Dominatrix. Of course I will accept all gifts and tributes. :)

If you are interested contact me in SL: Anabella Spark

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surprised surrending

 Very rich old loser wanted to "experience" my presence. Our "date" last 40 minutes. We went on the yacht. The old loser who is afraid about disclosing his SL name (but not afraid to show his pathetic old face LOL - funny huh?) was pretending that he has no idea about financial domination and slavery. Soon as we started to talk I didn't even have to do anything and received L$10 000! It turned out he is an obsessive reader of my blog and drools in front of my pictures almost every night for the last couple of weeks. He decided to contact me in September because he was collecting the money from his RL and SL businesses (whatever bitch! - most of those "sl businessman are just uploading cash through their credit cards and pretend to be rich in SL while they get poorer and poorer in RL haha, so I never believe when someone says "I am famous businessman in SL" - who cares anyway?). So anyway, he was collecting the money during the last couple of weeks and wanted to experience a big wallet rape like never before. I quickly found out that it is not true. He just had savings in linden lab because he recently sold two regions (sims) and wanted to spend just 20% "on a domme". It turned out very bad for him because during the first meeting I collected L$25 000 in total! It looks like the next day he got really scared because didn't want to reveal how much money he got left from his "savings". I was still working on that part while the next day I was able to collect the part of tier which is paid by the tenants who resides on his remaining sim. Another L$10 000!
In the next post I will describe how I turned him into my complete bitch and stroked his ego. You will see pictures of him being transformed from nice old man into a total old bitch loser. Do you wonder if he regret meeting me? You will see if he got completely destroyed financially or if I let him exist as a poor fucker.
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From the other news:
I took control over slave k. computer via teamviewer. I locked the admin password on his windows and teamviewer so only I can access teamviewer sessions. Funny thing is I can access his computer whenever I want while he is online and he doesn't know the password so there is absolutely nothing he can do about it! But guess what.. this is what he actually wanted and he prepared all of this - all I had to do is to insert my password he doesnt know! Now he is my prisoner! Locked completely in the jail cell with hood mask over his had. He can't go anywhere. That's the part of the services I provide. However there is always a time limit "a customer" can set. For example you can be locked in jail for 60 min or 2 days etc. Every day I will come provide a drill for you which will include slave inspection, whipping, canning etc. This is the only time when you are let out of the cell. The rest of your pathetic day you spend locked up in the total isolation without even possibility to send IMs to anyone - except me (but I can change that too). So slave k. wanted to experience this kind of prison regime but didn't provide the date of release... so it is totally up to me if I ever let him out :) especially he has given me a full control over his computer. 
Jail session costs him : L$5000  + L$2000 wallet rape
so far...

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slave T. did $2000 while drooling at me while I was dancing. he is a total addict!

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loser d. 1000 wanted wallet draining by teamviewer. I did L$1000 thats the only thing he got left lol.

# # #

I had a nice 60 min session with dlave d###ter which include some bondage, whipping his ass pretty hard and humiliation training. At the end he begged to jerk his cock and cum on the floor LOL. Session costs him L$6000

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loser fred. paid L$8000 for my new clothes. For sure I will spend it very soon for shopping! I actually let him lick my boots for that :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Anabella's leash

 What happens when you stare at my pics on my blog all the time and your cock is getting harder and harder. You just can't do anything. You need to release that pressure somewhere and you come to SL as fast as you can and literally beg to lick my boots, to get abused, whipped, raped in the ass with my dildo or get your wallet ruined. This individual on pictures below wanted to become a sissy and I made a perfect sissy out of him but after he cleaned all dirt from my boots.

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 this slave d. signed up for Second Life just to meet me. He is a very short loser as you can see. It really turned him on standing in front of such tall blonde Goddess. I let him stand this time instead of kneeling because he was really a funny short guy to abuse. Later we went to ATM and he withdraw L$5000... for me of course.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can you resist these pics?

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 Crawl to me in Second Life : Anabella Spark

Get ready for abuse!

PS: During the last month I raped a lot of wallets, many losers, sober and drunk, sissies and cash cows. Including some L$10 000, L$19 000 and L$20 000. Some L$5000 an many L$3500. So I had a very interesting August though because of the nice summer weather I didn't have time to post on the blog. But from now on I will be writing blog post much often than usual. So better come back here and check my blog EVERYDAY!

Just tributes from last couple of days (this is only one part. the next part will be posted tomorrow with pictures of the victims :)

I took L$5000 via teamviewer from S. 
L$7500 from drunk D.
L$4000, L$6000 and L$1000 from slave P. 
L$19 700 from jimmy