Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can you resist these pics?

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 Crawl to me in Second Life : Anabella Spark

Get ready for abuse!

PS: During the last month I raped a lot of wallets, many losers, sober and drunk, sissies and cash cows. Including some L$10 000, L$19 000 and L$20 000. Some L$5000 an many L$3500. So I had a very interesting August though because of the nice summer weather I didn't have time to post on the blog. But from now on I will be writing blog post much often than usual. So better come back here and check my blog EVERYDAY!

Just tributes from last couple of days (this is only one part. the next part will be posted tomorrow with pictures of the victims :)

I took L$5000 via teamviewer from S. 
L$7500 from drunk D.
L$4000, L$6000 and L$1000 from slave P. 
L$19 700 from jimmy

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