Monday, March 28, 2011

Can you resist this outfit?

WeakM... paid L$800 and then went offline.. perfect slave lol
* * *
 loser paid L$2000 and then I whipped his ass on real pillory. He had to pay L$100 for each hit! Imagine that! He got 13 hits on his bare ass with my whip... and then he had to pay L$250 for each it! He got 8! So all together he paid me L$5300! Not bad! Can you challenged that?

* * *
rick is back and paid L$8000 few days ago. Today he paid L$12 000. You can read about him in my previous post.

* * *
Another obsessed slave M. paid L$4000 just for permission to stroke his cock and cum! haha..

* * *

slave T. wanted to be punished and pay for each hit on his bare ass with my whip.. he had to pay L$100... got 25 hits.. which is L$2500... and then ran out of money :)

* * *

some 19 year old loser paid me L$5000, he claims to drool on my pics everyday and finally coudnt resist to pay me... nice!

* * *

Now look at this sexy outfit! Can you resist that?  
I'm going to wear this outfit just for a few hours so make sure to meet me in SL as soon as possible!
 IM: Anabella Spark right now!!

PS: I already had slave f. sending L$3000 and slave tom. L$4000! haha!!

PS2: I'm not writing full names of slaves anymore so other bitches don't send silly IMs (usually they receive 100 IMs from cheap sluts 

Remember you can click for each picture to enlarge it!

Monday, March 14, 2011


So I was busy last two weeks with my slaves and that is the reason I didn't update my blog so often! But now I am back and need to write about all these great things that happened to me! First I met slave ricky who contacted me because he really wanted to be drained by me! The celebrity in Second Life! Anabella Spark! And guess what... he could afford that privilege - I can call him a real money slave - he deserved it. 

You can read his story below. However If you want to go straight to the point - there are pics at the bottom. Make sure to read about PAYPIG TROPHIES - this is something new I came up with! And it's exciting!
Road to destruction: rick's tributes from the last two months :
First meeting
Second meeting
Third meeting
please note that during this third meeting there was only 3 minutes difference between tribute #1 $9000 and tribute #2 $9500. I knew from that moment that he is hooked and I started to play with his head even more. I wanted to turn him into my personal human atm and I knew it will happen sooner or later. Because he was a real money slave. No question about it. You could find out just by listening how he describes his feelings.
Not bad, but you could feel in the air that he wanted to say something more...
Fourth meeting
Fifth meeting
L$10 000
That's it! When I got 10k 5 seconds after I logged in I knew the victim has been made. I could notice the first signs of addiction and well let's say it: 'signs of fucking obsession'. But in the good way. Good way for me! LOL. He started to talk a lot. It surprised me because usually he was always a quiet one.  
L$15 000
After that lovely amount is being sent the bitchboy actually confess of all dirty fantasies he has in mind and all dirty things he has already done. But it's not what you would expect. He admits that he has good life, he's smart and successful. Having a good rl job and confess he is using an alt account in SL  to contact me because he was afraid that someone will see him if he comes to me in using his main account in SL. Because under that main Second Life account he is a respected successful business man. Of course I didn't believe. He had to prove it. I told him to log in using his main SL account. He begged me because he didn't want to do it. He didn't want to take it to the next level. Later I found out why!
Finally I convinced him promised him he can take me on a romantic date and then maybe become his gf (haha he wasn't that naive he knew it will never happen! But dumb loser wanted to believe that! He actually convinced himself it's going to happen. Can you believe that? That's the sign how I really started to fuck with his head. I turned this guy into a zombie myself! I'm so proud of it!) So he transferred the remaining balance to me and logged off.
When he arrived using his real main avatar he confessed that he had a fantasy about financial domination for long time and was reading my blog for months but never contacted me. It all started while he was starring at my pictures. At the beginning he was visiting the blog because of  my fetish pics. He has a strong fetish for boots, pvc, leather, boots, jewelery etc. He started to masturbate to my pictures and then his dirty fantasy started. He was imagined me draining his wallet. He wanted that but was so afraid to come out of the closet. Then something happened in his life in rl... it was not that happy world anymore. Because he found out that his wife is cheating on him. He really loved her so that was really a disaster for him. He was struggling really bad wanted to save his marriage, but couldn't do anything. She wanted divorce and that was it. She left with that other guy and poor ricky started to drink. LOL
But it wasn't so serious and he isn't into forced intoxication which is another fetish of mine btw. He made his decision about contacting me when he was completely sober. LOL it was his final decision to admit that he is a loser... short dick loser. And that's why his wife left him with a guy with huge dick Well at least thats what he says, but it's good that he blames himself! Well... it's true it will lead him into fucking depression. But hey... I am not here to make him a real man again. I am "helping" him because I am making a zombie human ATM machine for myself, right?
Sixth meeting
Beside he is completely useless! I'm giving this short dick loser a reason to live! To work for me! He knows he can't satisfy a woman in any other way only by sending cash!.He can't really give a good fucking like a real man. I don't even talking about other things! I am modeling this bitchboy. I turning him into a zombie I want to have and hey... he needs this! Now he is already addicted. Showing signs of devotion. I'm using his all weaknesses, all fantasies and make them true! Isn't that what everyone wants? Be happy?
Seventh meeting
L$15 000
No questions asked. He is following all my orders. I found out about his saving account in rl, he tells me about it confesses he need me to know (ok lol), also tells me about his account balance in SL. He admits that every time he meets me he gets erection in rl. I know he didn't fuck a woman for months. I know he is horny. I decided to use that and allow him for release but only in my presence. He must look at me and jerk off in rl. I give him instructions and counting till orgasm. 
He pays L$10 000 for permission to cum.
Eighth meeting
L$10 000
L$10 000
Ninth meeting
tenth meeting
L$15 000
eleventh meeting
I am busy in rl, so I am ordering him to just send tribute. He sends L$5000 and few hours later begs me to come in Second Life. He wants to masturbate. (you could see he turns into a zombie. he wants his usual drug taking money and allowing him to cum. Now.. can you go lower than that? His head is completely fucked now. There is no way he will be able to ever to reach satisfaction during normal sex. Not after that damage I did to him. He had just some dirty fantasies at the beginning, but he was a normal man, a human being. Now it's just horny animal. His brain function in only one way: he needs to please me, he wanted to get hurt, he wanted to be my toy. I don't meet him that day, he gets frustrated... so I order him to choose my 3 pics on my blog and masturbate to them and then pay L$5000. He pays L$20 000...
thirteenth meeting
fourteenth meeting
He needs more abuse. It's not enough for him.  He is like a drug addict. He just needs to go deeper. He confessed he wants me to ruin him, to destroy him. That's really a serious thing. I'm making sure he is serious about it. I know he is slowly showing signs of turning into a human atm. Our meetings are getting shorter. The rest of the time online he spends drooling and touching himself. I want him to get used to short meeting, quick wallet rapes because that's what will happen when he will become my human ATM machine. I'm making a test telling him to  send L$20 000. After he does I am leaving without a word. Going offline.
fifteenth meeting
Another short meeting. Just 5 minutes. L$10 000 
sixteenth meeting
We go to the ATM machine in SL. I want him to feel being used this new way like machine. I want him to know what he will become. No longer a man, not even a slave, not animal anymore. Just a thing! more close to a furniture. It turns him on. He begs me to take more from him so it really hurts. I ask for L$50 000. He sends without single protest. Then I leave going offline. I'm checking my email. Nothing from him. Good sign. He got used to being seriously used. 
seventeenth meeting
I'm still working on his head. He begs again to ruin him. I know I need to trap him more. He's not ready yet for that pleasure. I want him to really beg for that. He admits he fell in love (that's really pathetic - can you believe the fucking loser! so I had to use that  fuck his head even more!) I said I feel something too that I think about two of us moving together (lol - he falls for that! haha!) He gives L$30 000 and again I leave.
eighteenth meeting
Didn't meet him for 3 days. He desperately want to meet. Talks about love and stuff. I'm making sure he understands that I was fucking with his head that I don't feel anything to the loser. I just making a human atm machine out of him. All I want is to spit on his face take his money and leave. He says he cries in rl. (haha). but then admits it turns him on. He admits he realize that he is a pathetic loser not even worth to lick the ground I am walking on without permission. I'm giving him a choice... if he still wants to serve me he need to accept strict new rules or he may leave. He knows there is no choice, he can't run away. He agrees to everything. I'm sending him the notecard with new rules and how to behave in this new situation. I type L$15 000 and I get it. 
nineteenth meeting
He realized I turned him into human ATM now. When I come he knows I expect money. He gives. He's used and can go away. L$10 000
another meetings
We meet regularly now. So far he sent over ... (hmm I will need to tell him to count all of that he sent and let you know! haha why should I waste time on that?). Anyway you can guess it's a lot just by looking at number above. 

 * * *

I came up with the excellent new idea! That's right! It was after ricky begged me to tell his story to the entire world! I know you money slaves loooove to be exposed. You want me to post your real pics, (sometimes with your face hidden sometimes not), your silly looking avatars and so on. So I decided to start a PAYPIG TROPHIES!  I doubt there is many of you who can challenge loser ricky however still you can have a chance to become "famous". How? First take a look at the pics. This is how ricky gets his wallet drained. But he wanted me to take pictures and post them so he can keep the best moments of his life and always come back here proudly. I know there is more of you like that and I am giving you a chance right now to have  lovely pictures taken with me so you can keep them as souvenirs!
If you don't want to show your face of your avatar like then I will give you a nice piggy mask! Also I can take two version of pics. One with mask for public view and another without a mask. Remember that you need to send at least one tribute if you want me to consider taking pics with you! Contact me in Second Life: Anabella Spark 

First photo of the victim

...he needs to bow before Mistress. I trained him properly!
then of course the loser must beg to get his wallet drained
The process of wallet draining is complex. First the slave takes off his pants and must show his worthless tiny cock. Then he is allowed to buy money and transfer everything to me!
After his wallet is completely drained we can take the final picture so he can keep it as souvenir.      Of course soon he will be back for more. They always come back... :)  

Do you want to be in his place? It's possible! Contact me in Second Life: Anabella Spark

Friday, March 11, 2011

ATTACK of Financial Domination!

You stare at my new pictures and you can't resit to send the tribute. You can't resist to give me password to your teamviewer account. You can't resit me!
Get on your knees and contact me in Second Life. You know my name!
It's Anabella Spark

yes you can enlarge the pictures!
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