Monday, March 28, 2011

Can you resist this outfit?

WeakM... paid L$800 and then went offline.. perfect slave lol
* * *
 loser paid L$2000 and then I whipped his ass on real pillory. He had to pay L$100 for each hit! Imagine that! He got 13 hits on his bare ass with my whip... and then he had to pay L$250 for each it! He got 8! So all together he paid me L$5300! Not bad! Can you challenged that?

* * *
rick is back and paid L$8000 few days ago. Today he paid L$12 000. You can read about him in my previous post.

* * *
Another obsessed slave M. paid L$4000 just for permission to stroke his cock and cum! haha..

* * *

slave T. wanted to be punished and pay for each hit on his bare ass with my whip.. he had to pay L$100... got 25 hits.. which is L$2500... and then ran out of money :)

* * *

some 19 year old loser paid me L$5000, he claims to drool on my pics everyday and finally coudnt resist to pay me... nice!

* * *

Now look at this sexy outfit! Can you resist that?  
I'm going to wear this outfit just for a few hours so make sure to meet me in SL as soon as possible!
 IM: Anabella Spark right now!!

PS: I already had slave f. sending L$3000 and slave tom. L$4000! haha!!

PS2: I'm not writing full names of slaves anymore so other bitches don't send silly IMs (usually they receive 100 IMs from cheap sluts 

Remember you can click for each picture to enlarge it!

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