Sunday, September 28, 2008

Candy for real fetishists!

Hope you love my ultra fetish outfit. This is candy for real fetishists. :) Outfit like that motivated my old slaves, however some very interesting new guys showed up!
Let's start with new people! Aaron came up with idea of sending L$10 000! I love such brilliant ideas lol, he did that while visiting my Temple...BTW: I moved the temple out of Plaitnum Escort Club to another island! why? So I can have more prims there and finally you can teleport to the temple through search engine, it's so easy to find just type Temple of Goddess Anabella:). Additionally you can create landmark while you are there. This is important because now you can teleport directly to the building not to the club like it used to be!
Same thing happened to HypnoMist! I created huge store with all my hypno trances and you can find them by typing HypnoMist in the search engine in SL. So it's much easier to find my hypno store and temple, you don't need to go through my club:) And talking about the club... We are doing absolutely great! I spent over $L6000 on animations for new dance tables! Really hot! And the most funny thing is... champagne! You can see my girls dancing directly in the glass full of champagne! Wow! Only at Platinum Escort Club :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

new game: expose yourself!

This is one the best raping in September so far. Not only because of the amount - over L$60 000, but rather because of the time (around 2 hours) I needed to take that 60k from well known slave t.wezz. It started as typical money raping, he sent out some 1000, 2000...and so on. After we moved to the dungeon situation changed really fast. He turned into a really horny sissy slut and started to beg to suck my strap-on, of course he got my permission after paying a lot of $$.. In rl he started to drink very fast .. after a few minutes this sissy slut was begging to blackmail his sorry ass! OMG! This is what I like the most.. He sent all information about his so called wife or gf. (He was too drunk to figure that out lol), and then he began to send tribute every 5 - 10 min or so...but not 1000L, but 3000!... I told him to stop playing around and show me how something big like 10 000... to be honest I thought he will log off...and hide under his bed in rl, but no... this idiot send L$10 000.... well, I knew had much more so next time I asked for L$20 000. It was reallly funny, because I didnt even finish writing my sentence and got already another L$ he finally received my request for 20k, I had to start to f*** his ass with my strap on ....rofl...and there we go... he paid 20k... after the session he sent even more money in tributes worth 1000 - 3000. so the total money drained out of this slave is over L$60 000.... not bad, especially when you take a look at the time... only 2 hours. After this draining he told my that he decided to retire from SL... ROFL.. I don't belive him...and of course everyone knows that he will be back like most of you! :)
jon sent 5000 every day starting monday to thursday. The good thing is that all that was offline tribute. Thank God I didnt have to look at your ugly face! I'm telling you! Buy a new skin and shape because you look extremely ugly! lol

hazumu paid 2500 last week, and today she came with 1500 in her mouth.. I wasn't satisfied because 1500 is a good tribute from a new slave but not from such experienced slut like her. After a while she decided to withdraw shopping money from her SLX account! L$3750! This is one smart choice! First: she saved time in sl , because shopping takes a lot of time! Now she can spend the same amount of time to work for me! The problem is she is just kneeling on the floor in the club and stares at me instead of putting her ass to work! haha
I received IM from slave ted: Mistress! Instead of paying my sl gf for clothes I will send money to you, because you are sexy and...blah blah blah or something like that. 
It looks like he had only L$3000... hey you really spend 3000 on your sl girlfriends? Come on! ROFL 
After a while I figure out that he has more... L$650... and this is his rent money! It appears he pays rent for some cartoon house and lives there with his gf. 
He was begging me to come to his house! Wow! Like I have time to visit slaves' houses! Come on.. think! But he promised to pay 3000 and begged me to come just for 5 min because he wanted to show me the house while his gf was away. OMG..this house is so small lol, but on the other hand what do you expect for 650 per week! lol 
so after paying me 3000L , smart ass ted was on his knees kissing my boots in is own house. He said that this is 1000 times better than going shopping with his gf and that I deserved it more thna her! LOL Indeed, this was great , but at the same time I wanted to humiliate him even more, so I told him to give me his rent money! hAhAhA... and he sent 650 after 5 seconds or so!! That was fast! lol.. but then slave ted was so afraid because the next day he will need to pay rent and if won't he and his gf will be kicked out by landlord! LOL... can you imagine that? being so broke that you are kicked out by your landlord in SL! hahhha pathetic! 

After that I left the house because this is obvious that I will not remain in the same house with a broke loser lol! but this smart ass sent another IM telling me that he will figure this out somehow and borrow money from his friend. After 15 - 20 minutes (I wonder if he had to beg his friend for 20 min? lol), I received another IM from ted saying that he has money for rent and will take his gf shopping anyway tomorrow... I wished him goodluck, so he went offline. 
After 10 minutes he came back online yelling:it's stronger than me!
lol...  sure it is... I told him to wait in the house naked on his knees. Then I asked how much he got from his was L$2500. After 3 minutes I had the money on my account lol and he was broke again! but this time he was in serious trouble because rent was due the next day! hahha!
The next day ted told me that he had to ask his gf to pay the rent! He told me that she had only 1000L on her account, but she gave him 850 so he can pay rent and buy a new table to their house ( awwwww how sweet ROFL). so yes, this time he paid the rent and send the remaining 200L to me! hahahaha...I begin to like this boy 
n00b wanted to take me for a shopping trip 
but I didnt have time so he just send L$2500... good boy! 
and much less drama than slave ted lol

There is a new game for every avatar in Second Life! It is time to totally humiliate yourself and expose your avatar in the most humiliating poses on my blog!

1. Your avatar name will not be displayed, so you can remain anonymous.
2. You must take a pic or pics of Your avatar while you are in a very humiliating pose.
3. You must pay me to display your pics on my blog for everyone to see
4. Maximum 5 pictures of one person will be displayed in one post. 
5. You must send at least 1 picture if you want to participate.


symbolic L$250 per pic :)

however you are more than welcome to pay more money per pic! Your chosen nick and amount you paid to expose yourself here will be written under your pics. 


You can send screenshots of your avatar to me in SL or via email:
If you do not know how to take pictures of your avatar or if you would like me to take pictures of you, it is possible to arrange a photo session - however keep in mind that larger fee will apply!

Good luck!

UPDATE: I already received requests from two people who want to participate and humiliate themselves for me here. However they still need to take pictures of themselves. So I guess you will see them on my next post!