Friday, September 25, 2009

Draining Marathon

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How do you like my new photo session? I have been shopping in SL recently and bought 10 outfits I really liked. So you can expect more photo sessions coming. I am not surprised how many of you drool to my pictures and are too shy to IM. You need to have balls and fat wallet. Most of you don't have either of that.

If you did not join do it now. Click here This is the truth revolution in SL. I'm more than sure than we are going to change SL forever and most importantly we won't be chained to Linden Lab stupid policies.

Let's focus now on draining marathon that took place in recent days. First of all slave S. is being drained regularly from L$5000 to L$10 000 per day. He comes every day to Platinum Club and watches me dancing when he is around me his little cock is getting rock hard and brain goes away or completely turns off. I really enjoy draining this bitchboy and use every single minute to manipulate his pathetic life. Can you belive this moron is still with his gf? LMAO

slave A. was drained as well out of all his money, unfortunately this drone is able to come to SL only once a week, but once he comes I make turn his life into total hell.

sub m. is my new victim. he calls himself a businessman in rl and sl. hahaha he tried to play a rich loser and send L$30 000. he claimed that he will send more but need to add credit card to his account. I heard that many times... but I will give you a chance sub m. I am waiting for another 30 000 tomorrow if not, I will post your personal infomation here in the next blog post. So dear audience...if you are interested to see sub t. completely destroyed check my blog tomorrow! some of you may ask why I want to destroy him so fast by exposing all his personal information...Well the bitch promised another 30 000 tomorrow - promise is a fucking promise. so no excuses!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally, I present you the project I was working on for the last 3 weeks.! Second Life Adult Social Network. Totally independent from Linden Lab. Implemented for escorts, strippers, dancers, whores, dommes, slaves, and other people who admire them:)
This way anyone can freely communicate with each other without latest restrictions in Second Life. (Adult policy)

I hope to see you there. There are already many hot people there, but I count on you as well:)

* * *
Ace paid L$12,500 in total. He was spoiling me while following jerk off instructions. He is one addicted slut thats all I can say about him, and everytime he is coming to me,he is just so horny that it is so easy to control his weak mind and taking cash from him. I just let him play pay per stroke game and this loser was stroking his cock and paying $L50 per stroke, and after he was done, he bought another set this time for L$100, you can imagine how pathetic cowboy this loser is. I always say there are slaves and total loser pigs. And you are one of them Ace. You deserved to suffer and everytime I see you - you will suffer for me.

* * *

slave v. paid L$15,000 for blackmail. He sent pics of his wife and all info including his boss phone number. that was a very quick money I made out of this sucker. Guess what v.? now i will just demand L$10,000 which must be paid by saturday! So better pay your debt off instantly after reading this because, I promise you bitchboy that your life will be a real hell and I will send your avatar naked pics to everyone in your office in rl and along with your rl name hahahaha

* * *

Sam paid L$2500, but I'm completely not satisfied with you lately. So better dont login in SL while lying in bed with your girlfriend LMAO

* * *
slave p. sent L$7500 as offline tribute. WOW! Hopefully you can get up early (we are in the different time zone) and meet me in SL. But bring money in your mouth.

* * *

I was able to get some cash from slut J.J. it was at least L$23,000 in total during the last week. i was too lazy to check the transaction record though, so it could be more. :) If you send bigger tributes than hundreds smaller ones it could be easier you fag! I'm tired of clicking OK on popup window:) however I love the sound of it and message... J.J. just paid you....L$ :)

* * *
T. pays L$2000 everytime he sees me in the club.. hmm good boy. but you should try harder ::)

* * *
Look at him! Silly sissy slut played a virgin but he changed into this sexy outfit very quckly. He paid L$600 and "crashed". What a moron. Are you happy now, or do you want me to expose your name here? hehe
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* * *

Oh. I got this human furniture bitch he was sitting as a table for more than 35 hours as a table in my skybox! hhahaha and he paid L$5000 ! Most of the time he was away lol

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo Session with slave H.

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He is building a screensaver for himself to use on his laptop so everyone at work can see what a wonderful Mistress I am. Isnt that sweet? Unfortunately, I'm afraid you - the rest of the crowd - will not get your hands on that screensaver - you just simplhy do not deserve it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Consultation Results

slave e.

#confession - L$3000
#consultation - L$8000

subbie t.

#confession -L$ 4000


#consultation - L$12 000
tribute - L$8000


looks like my theraphy works! ;-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let me help you...

Do you think you might be addicted to sending money to young sexy girls?
Is it addiction or maybe something else?
Can you stop that? Do you really want to do it?

You can contact me in SL and explain your concerns.
If you recently sent some cash to young sexy girls you may want to talk with me.
I will explain you the situation you might be in.

Also, I will post results of some confessions and consultations on the blog.

* * *

The project I was talking about is currently open. Anyone can sign up. Visit Platinum Club for more info. Look at the dance floor. You will see what I'm talking about:).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real Bathroom :)

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The featured slave of the week is without any doubt N. The amount of humiliation this bot took in the last few days is outstanding! His wallet was raped regularly every time he came to visit his Goddess at Platinum Club. First N. paid few thousands of lindens just to get attention! I always like slaves who know how to earn their time with Goddess. Not sure if you are aware, some of you are, that I'm the busiest person in SL. Not only I need to deal with you pathetic slaves crawling on your knees everyday and begging to be humiliated, but also I run a club, a store with hypno trances, my own temple, and working on new project I mentioned in the last posts. So if you really crave my attention..make sure to show that with flood of money:)
N. was begging for serious humiliation and I figured it out that it is so boring to make him suffer in regular way. I wanted something controversial... since N. loves to take rl instructions (he expected to get jerking instructions hahaha). I decided to order the loser to go to bathroom in rl, put his head in the toilet and slash :)))) after that he was ordered to come back in front of the computer and pay another tribute (L$6000 if I remember correctly).
Next day I took N. to the dungeon and the only comment here should be his own words :
"That was the best session I ever had, Goddess"
Another addicted freak, slave S. is trying to hide again after losing thousands of lindens while his gf is sleeping. Stupid jerk comes online and begs for more abuse. For several days now he is hiding though. Do you really belive you can hide from your goddess?