Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Insanely Wicked

Welcome back my dear followers! I have been busy draining your wallets, so I did not feel like a photo session, but finally today I was in proper mood to do it! There is a lot going on! First of all I finally decided to buy my own sim (YES! MY DAMN OWN ISLAND!). I couldn't decide if I should really buy it and I was thinking about this important decision for a very long can even say almost a year. Finally I had to do it because my club needed it and I was unable to cooperate with the landlord since he was a total asshole. So I just bought the sim from him for US$ 600! Of course this money went directly from your tributes *evil grin Now you can be proud of yourself slaves! Each one of you should be proud for giving this great opportunity to send your hard earned money to your Mistress, so she can pay off the tier each month which is US$295 :) Look, now you need to work even harder than before, but I still believe that you can do it without any delays lol. You are all addicted, don't you:)

Besides paying my tier there is another thing you must do - pay my other expenses and of course continue to spoil me rotten. :P

Another good news is that soon there will be a completely new building for Platinum Escort Club! So sweet, isnt it? I'm sure that my new club building will end up on the 'Showcase' in world as one of the best building ever. Why I'm so sure? That's simple, because I do not build it lol - I hired a professional team. the cost of the new club building will be L$100.000 including the mall, new hotel rooms (new dungeon mmmhmm :P)

I received a lot of tributes since my last post, however I will not post all of them here because it would take a lot of time and I'm not in the mood for copy and paste all my transaction history lol... all I can say is that I am very happy to see that most of you are addicted bimbo wallets. I come online and you send money instantly lol...thats so nice of you losers haha. There is no doubt I am the most spoiled person in SL. 

The best gift of this month just arrived! slave steven bought me iPod Touch 2nd Generation - 32GB which can hold up to 7000 songs! YAY! The bill he paid is below pictures...notice CAD$671
good boy! :)