Sunday, August 24, 2008

Old Temple is back!

My old Temple is back! Not exactly same one, but improved! Many of you told me that you miss old temple, so now you can again come and pray in private at the old building! How do you find the temple? Very simple...Just teleport to Platinum Escort Club and find small sign 'Temple of Goddess Anabella' on one of the columns, under the sign you will find a yellow teleport! :-)
Good luck!

* * *

L$19,000 from m. in just 30 minutes! First he tried to catch my attention by sending L$1000 in every 30 seconds and when this didn't work, m sent L$10 000. This changed my approach regarding this slave hehe. The good thing is that he is going to be another blackmail slave! I strongly belive that I will be able to use info against him in order to make myself even more rich. It won't be hard since he is willing to cooperate haha:). Before I went to bed the total tribute in 30 minutes was exactly L$19 000! 

* * *

In the last couple of days spank is being drained by me regularly and I take several thousands off him almost every time I see his ugly face. Isn't that something you all dream about? Being able to spoil your GODDESS until you end up with 0 on your account? This happens to spank alsmost everyday. but next day he cannot resist and must fill up his account with new linden dollars so I can take them again. For example yesterday around L$15 000 was taken from him. I must admit that there is of course more... he sends over L$22 000 each months as well for his promisory note. So as you can see I keep him very busy.

* * *
L8x is a total loser and the best he can do is wasting my time, but sometimes he can be useful. GODDESS took L$6000 from this fag. Well the problem is that in my opinion he was so 'excited' and promised  L$10 000 in 5 minutes. But of course it didn't work... now do not even show up in my Temple without 10k! 

* * *
Jon paid my rent for next 4 weeks. (6800 per week) so it's L$27 200
That's another big tribute from jon. He is currently one of the most loyal slaves in my stable.

* * * 
hazumu paid a lot of money recently however most important thing is that she is willing to submit her life completely to GODDESS. I'm sure she will be proud to wear my collar. 
* * *
silgon mostly pays L$1000, but this time she was able to send double tribute of L$2000. I like this progress:) We'll see what will happen next...
* * *
The rest of you paid something between L$500 to L$3000. I will not mention every single one unless you have something really interesting to say or you can prove that you can tribute on regular basis! Some of you just pretend to be slaves just to be posted on my blog and become famous! haha freaks!

Another great shopping trip

It looks like you finally think how to make your Mistress happy each day. This time slave n. took me on the shopping trip. The good thing is that we didn't have to go too far, because our mall at Platinum Escort Club is growing and new vendors sign up almost every day. Slave n. bought this nice outfit, some nylons, bra (which I didnt wear as you can see *giggles). At the end we went to the tattoo store where I decided to get this weird one :) It wasn't expensive shopping trip, just around L$1500 , but it was worth it.

slave w. sent L$1000 two days ago and we chatted for a while, he was suppose to contact me the next day because I was getting really tired, unfortunately (for him) he didn't show up. Now I'm pissed and it seems that I won't let him waste my time on my IM anymore.
Hazumu came to visit me again while I was dancing and she was completely drained! haha.. If I remember correctly it was about L$3500 this time... She is a totally addicted slut :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping Trip

L$10 000 from greg and in my most preffered way! He just sent this tribute while I was offline:) I love to get money this way and some of you always know how to make me happy. Greg is my new admirer, but we didn't have a chance to meet yet:) Hope to see you soon hun:)

andy decided to submit totally! Blackmail was his obsession and finally he was able to realize his obsession because of Goddess Anabella:) After I received all "sensitive" information from this slave I didn't even have to say how he needs to do next. L$5000 was send directly to my account:) good boy... This is jsut the beginning :)

noob is totally addicted! Admit this faggot! hhaaha.. This time L$2500 just for permission to IM me:) lol you are my BITCH now! :-)

this is tip from slave k. just because I said SO! Unfortunately slave k. admitted to be totally broke after this small tribute. Wow what a poor bastard!
Hazumu and Sil. took me on the shopping trip! They spent almost L$3000 together. We visted one of the best shoe/boot store. you can see the picture of one pair I bought during that trip. Nice and shiny? Mhmm.. I got 3 other pairs - you will see them during next photo session.
I'm looking forward to the next shopping trip! Any slave who want to take me shopping just send IM :)

so here is another blackmail slave, but very weird one. He didn't have payment info on file, so I was very suspicious, but then later he gave me his password to his sl account! LOL
Total dumbass! But after giving up phone number to his mom! (!) (LOL)
he changed his mind and paid L$500 and later L$1500 :)
Interesting... Shall I continue Ted? oopss.. thats your rl name ROFL
Are you afraid now , bitchboy?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In the last couple of days traffic at Platinum Escort Club is rising. Currently we have over 114 000 of traffic points in SL search engine which makes as the number one! :) I'm really happy to see that my project is so successful. Of course it wouldn't be possible without such a perfect Goddess like me:)

Here is the list of latest tributes:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life is a BEACH!!! :))

Life is a beach! Next time you are at Platinum Escort Club , check out the lastest and the most hottest thing added there: THE BEACH!!
Drink bar, swimming pool, waves, surfing and much more!

Selected Tributes:
L$5000, L$7000, L$1000, L$10 000 = jon
L$10 000 - spank
L$5000 - sissy m.
L$4000 - from s.m
L$2500 - from t.d
L$ - 15 000 - from h.k
... too many to list...
Since my last post I received over L$ 200 000 in tributes... and still counting:)
Some of you probably wonder why I do not post names of slaves who tribute anymore. It appears that some of wannabe dommes and even slaves (!) use this blog to find their pay pigs.
But this is nothing wrong. The problem is that i never post the full names, so they contact almost everyone with the same name and ask people for money! haha
How pathetic can you be to actually IM a potential slave and beg for money like a junkie?
People are so surprised because they are not even into FEMDOM and Financial Domination!
Can you imagine that? You sit on the Linden Lab Island for noobs and some freaky wannabe domme is sending IM: PAY UP LOSER!!!!
People are like WTF!!!
Some people just don't deserve to play and call themselve Dominants. It's sad :(
Here is the latest IM , I got from some guy.. after some silly chicky wanted to take his pay check, of course she had no idea she was talking to absolutely wrong person. So that's why I decided to keep names of my slaves and worshippers in private.
[17:25] xx: your website said i paid you 4000:[17:25]
xxx: 4000L[17:25]
Anabella Spark: not you. I don't know you
[17:25] xxx: which i dont think you meant me
[17:25] xxx: right
[17:25] xxx: but people are asking me if i did lol
[17:25] xxx: what people
[17:26] xxx: well submissives and other dominants who read your site i dont recall
[17:26] Anabella Spark: do you remember any names?
[17:27] xxx: hmmmm
[17:28] xxx: i dont recall any names there was this top that contacted me asking me to donate money to her
[17:28] xxx: and i was like ummmm
[17:28] xxx: what are you talking about
[17:28] Anabella Spark: I think they are a bit desperate, don't you think so?
[17:28] xxx: yeah but still
[17:29] xxx: i switch with hypnosis so it kinda gives people a misconception
[17:29] xxx: if its a big deal ill live
[17:30] Anabella Spark: they contact you just because they read about person with name 'xxx' on my blog. This is very desperate.
[17:31] Anabella Spark: I do not post names of people who pay me anymore, so they should not bother you
[17:31] Anabella Spark: if anybody else will contact you let me know and I will post their names on my blog lol
[17:31] xxx: ok
[17:31] xxx: lol
[17:32] xxx: will do i wish i remember her name!!!
[17:32] Anabella Spark: there is only one word to describe people like that: 'pathetic'