Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another great shopping trip

It looks like you finally think how to make your Mistress happy each day. This time slave n. took me on the shopping trip. The good thing is that we didn't have to go too far, because our mall at Platinum Escort Club is growing and new vendors sign up almost every day. Slave n. bought this nice outfit, some nylons, bra (which I didnt wear as you can see *giggles). At the end we went to the tattoo store where I decided to get this weird one :) It wasn't expensive shopping trip, just around L$1500 , but it was worth it.

slave w. sent L$1000 two days ago and we chatted for a while, he was suppose to contact me the next day because I was getting really tired, unfortunately (for him) he didn't show up. Now I'm pissed and it seems that I won't let him waste my time on my IM anymore.
Hazumu came to visit me again while I was dancing and she was completely drained! haha.. If I remember correctly it was about L$3500 this time... She is a totally addicted slut :)

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