Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping Trip

L$10 000 from greg and in my most preffered way! He just sent this tribute while I was offline:) I love to get money this way and some of you always know how to make me happy. Greg is my new admirer, but we didn't have a chance to meet yet:) Hope to see you soon hun:)

andy decided to submit totally! Blackmail was his obsession and finally he was able to realize his obsession because of Goddess Anabella:) After I received all "sensitive" information from this slave I didn't even have to say how he needs to do next. L$5000 was send directly to my account:) good boy... This is jsut the beginning :)

noob is totally addicted! Admit this faggot! hhaaha.. This time L$2500 just for permission to IM me:) lol you are my BITCH now! :-)

this is tip from slave k. just because I said SO! Unfortunately slave k. admitted to be totally broke after this small tribute. Wow what a poor bastard!
Hazumu and Sil. took me on the shopping trip! They spent almost L$3000 together. We visted one of the best shoe/boot store. you can see the picture of one pair I bought during that trip. Nice and shiny? Mhmm.. I got 3 other pairs - you will see them during next photo session.
I'm looking forward to the next shopping trip! Any slave who want to take me shopping just send IM :)

so here is another blackmail slave, but very weird one. He didn't have payment info on file, so I was very suspicious, but then later he gave me his password to his sl account! LOL
Total dumbass! But after giving up phone number to his mom! (!) (LOL)
he changed his mind and paid L$500 and later L$1500 :)
Interesting... Shall I continue Ted? oopss.. thats your rl name ROFL
Are you afraid now , bitchboy?

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