Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life is a BEACH!!! :))

Life is a beach! Next time you are at Platinum Escort Club , check out the lastest and the most hottest thing added there: THE BEACH!!
Drink bar, swimming pool, waves, surfing and much more!

Selected Tributes:
L$5000, L$7000, L$1000, L$10 000 = jon
L$10 000 - spank
L$5000 - sissy m.
L$4000 - from s.m
L$2500 - from t.d
L$ - 15 000 - from h.k
... too many to list...
Since my last post I received over L$ 200 000 in tributes... and still counting:)
Some of you probably wonder why I do not post names of slaves who tribute anymore. It appears that some of wannabe dommes and even slaves (!) use this blog to find their pay pigs.
But this is nothing wrong. The problem is that i never post the full names, so they contact almost everyone with the same name and ask people for money! haha
How pathetic can you be to actually IM a potential slave and beg for money like a junkie?
People are so surprised because they are not even into FEMDOM and Financial Domination!
Can you imagine that? You sit on the Linden Lab Island for noobs and some freaky wannabe domme is sending IM: PAY UP LOSER!!!!
People are like WTF!!!
Some people just don't deserve to play and call themselve Dominants. It's sad :(
Here is the latest IM , I got from some guy.. after some silly chicky wanted to take his pay check, of course she had no idea she was talking to absolutely wrong person. So that's why I decided to keep names of my slaves and worshippers in private.
[17:25] xx: your website said i paid you 4000:[17:25]
xxx: 4000L[17:25]
Anabella Spark: not you. I don't know you
[17:25] xxx: which i dont think you meant me
[17:25] xxx: right
[17:25] xxx: but people are asking me if i did lol
[17:25] xxx: what people
[17:26] xxx: well submissives and other dominants who read your site i dont recall
[17:26] Anabella Spark: do you remember any names?
[17:27] xxx: hmmmm
[17:28] xxx: i dont recall any names there was this top that contacted me asking me to donate money to her
[17:28] xxx: and i was like ummmm
[17:28] xxx: what are you talking about
[17:28] Anabella Spark: I think they are a bit desperate, don't you think so?
[17:28] xxx: yeah but still
[17:29] xxx: i switch with hypnosis so it kinda gives people a misconception
[17:29] xxx: if its a big deal ill live
[17:30] Anabella Spark: they contact you just because they read about person with name 'xxx' on my blog. This is very desperate.
[17:31] Anabella Spark: I do not post names of people who pay me anymore, so they should not bother you
[17:31] Anabella Spark: if anybody else will contact you let me know and I will post their names on my blog lol
[17:31] xxx: ok
[17:31] xxx: lol
[17:32] xxx: will do i wish i remember her name!!!
[17:32] Anabella Spark: there is only one word to describe people like that: 'pathetic'

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