Saturday, July 26, 2008

I rock!

I have been OWK citizen from the beginning, however finally all Ladies received certificates and passports. Nice isnt it?

I tried very hard every single day, but there is no way they can satisfy me. My taste is so good and I have such wonderful style... maybe that's why it is impossible to do it anymore. So now it's over. This is my final decision and I won't change it. So all of them must be very careful now. I'm about to do it. I'm sure this is the right time... so listen up!

All of you do not need to worry about where to get the most sexy fetish clothes, because Queen - Goddess - Mistress Anabella decided to open her own store!

Clothes, Hair styles, boots and skins & shapes in the future... This will be something I always wanted to do and this is the right time! I spend shopping at least an hour every time I'm in world and what happens recently is that all stores are completely useless to me. I almost got everything, finally they do not satisfy my taste anymore. So I can't do it anymore - I can't just stand and look at this. Goddess of fashion will arrive soon :)

At the beginning, my store will have clothes and hair styles for women however from time to time I will add new items to this soon to be the best store in SL:)

If you are a designer and willing to make tons of money as well as become famous let me know! It will be pleasure to work with you. I'm looking for all kind of designer who would like to create classy clothes

Which one do you prefer?

It doesnt matter since I managed to get slave jon seriously drunk for the first time. He jsut begged for it however trust me it wasn't easy. The easiest part was to take his hard earned money in just few minutes. Do I need to remind you that he wears heels in rl while in sl? kinda weird , isnt it? :O ROFL

I had long two hour session with one of my most loyal and well trained slaves. I finally decided to give him a new name : 012. At the end of the session he was actually begging me to make him cum. He had to choose: 1) go home without cumming 2) cum and promised to be heavy whipped during the next session.

Of course 011 decided to go for second option. Oh my sadistic nature... oh yes I WILL hurt you!:)

here are some excellent pictures taken in my new Temple:)
perfect place to pray, isnt it?New slave paid L$500 however he seems to have potential thats why I protect his privacy by giving him new name 121. :) I really prefer to use numbers as names for my slaves since this is even more humiliated to them. Actually some of the slaves became famous because being on this blog, so by posting just their number I can make sure they won't get some celebrity syndrome and won't freak out like britney spears ROFL

sissy m send 7200 two time while I was offline.. why exactly 7200 I don't know but he earned the right to be taken off my mute list! Congratulations :o)

Hazumu begged to be drained two times and each time she came on her knees the blue window notifying about new payment was coming every 40 - 60 seconds. She lost a lot of money and she loved it. She always says that she cannot resist ...they all say that..:)

I took hazumu to the dungeon and there she had a chance to spoil me even more as well as kiss and lick my sexy ass! :)

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