Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There is only ONE Queen

I knew it will happen soon or later! It appears that there are so many new so called 'goddesses', 'princesses' and 'wannabe dommes' around. Some of them they have no idea what they want or how to get things going on, but some of them are very pathetic. There is one ugly fat chick who is trying to copy the only authentic Goddess here on Earth - me! Can you belive that? She is taking all my ideas and pretending to be so 'cool'.

* * *

I am ready for war! Don't get me wrong, anybody can do whatever they wish, however I hate when some brainless chick is just copy all ideas. She dreams to be like me, ah wait a second, I bet more people would like to be like me, but there is absolutely NO CHANCE for all of you to be even closer to perfection!
* * *
I will show you how powerful I am! Remember that anybody can came up with title like princess or goddess, but according to history there have been many goddesses and princesses but there is always only one Queen at least in my Queendom. So check this out!

Nice - isnt it? I created this few minutes ago. Now - how the hell you going to copy that, smart ass? hahahahahah There is no way.. because you can't be second Queen, unless you create your own Queendom, but we both know it will not happen since you are broke! LOL
And talking about money...

I have never been so greedy like in last few days. I decided to create new option for all slaves, subs, pay piggies, cash cows... you will pay me: ONE MILLION LINDENS!

Yes bitches! I want ONE MILLION LINDENS! Soon you will see a new donation box at my Temple! You will tribute your money there and we will see how fast this QUEEN can get One Million Lindens! Additionally - everybody who will send a tribute is going to receive a gift from me! If larger tribute, the bigger gift:) Details coming soon. Check my Temple very often.

As you all know I'm offline until July 2nd due to technical reasons, however some of you do as I wish even when I am offline. Here is spankme paying his promisory note over L$ 22k. He pays this monthly until I get L$500,000 haha:) Please go to my Temple and look at his donation box if you want to see how much money he already paid me

Additonally spankme paid some of my bills 1,000 and 1,500. good work, but you could adopt more bills fucker! Remember that you are all as interesting as your last tribute! Other tributes sent while I'm gone:

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Forcedintox Gotter said...

Oh yes Goddess you are right, as always of course. Noboby can be above You !