Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who is more perfect than me?

Who is more perfect than me?
The answer is very simple: ME but day after... Each day I'm getting more perfect, more greedy and there is nothing you can do about it. Finally, I'm back on the net after short break! I strike again and there is no escape! Because I look so great - I decided to take another photo session this time for the first time in... RUBBER! mmhmm for all of you addicted fetishists... I know this is what you are waiting for... so enjoy!

ForcedIntox paid 5000 every day when I was offline! Just imagine that! Total of L$20,000. I miss this slave and I hope that soon we are going to play again, but before it happen he should pay another 5000 quickly because I didn't receive his tribute yet for today!

Looks like my rubber suit is working! But also there was a slave jon , he missed me so much and wanted his wallet to be drained hard for me. I told him to pay 1000 a minute in my presence! LOL As you can calculate he spent 27 minutes with me. L$27,000!! Can you imagine how long average avatar needs to work for 27k? LOL and The Queen just takes what hers!!!
another great day for Queen! I went shopping with sissy m. She paid for this excellent rubber suit which wasnt that expensive... just 600L, but I took some cash from his wallet in case I need to buy more shoes.. Ops just 15,000 L :)

click on the pics to enlarge!

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Anonymous said...

You are so perfect Goddess! I'll sell my land for you!