Sunday, July 13, 2008

Changes at Platinum!

I had to spend over 4 hours today to make some changes to the club! First of all completely new stage with more dance poles, dance chairs and now you can even see girls dancing under shower! We have a great catfight ring and dance floor, so basically we are ready for party 24/7! I didnt want this post to look like a huge ad of my club so there will be no pictures of the club on my blog this time. You need to come to Platinum Escort Club and see yourself! It's better than ever!

Forced*** is getting better than ever as well haha. Yesterday he lost L$2000 in just 3 minutes while being in my presence then this poor sissy crashed - probably too much heat! lol
Today he lost entire L$10,000! How? He sent L$4000 when he saw me, but he didnt know that after few minutes I will tell him to pay L$6000 ! haha I had to pay builder because she was working very hard on my club and her rates are maybe high but you will have a chance to see what she has done after visiting the club.

Noob paid 4500 while I was offline and thank god I didnt have to see his ugly avie again. he is too poor now to even fix his damn avie, but still pays like crazy LOL good work noob**
there is a new boy in town: goe***... he is new but he's willing to learn and loves control - thats the most important thing, right? so he paid 1000 to prove that he's worth my time. After few minutes of chit chat I took him on a tour to my Temple and then to my dungeon. After sending 2000 he got permission to kiss my sexy ass & I whipped his ass after that lol. 16 strokes... he had to slaps his face in rl after each stroke in sl...I had nice evening.. looking forward to meet him soon, unfortunately it was very late so I decided to go to bed leaving him horny! haha poor thing!
Mr T** is my old servant but I can't say his previous nickname because his gf wouldnt be happy:) Today he lost 505 because thats the only thing he had lol.. We will see what will happen after a while.. anyway I'm going to look at this one very close

Still not sure if I deserve your money?
Come on! Just look at my pics again until you change your mind! HaHa

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