Saturday, June 28, 2008



Do I need to say more?

If you are my slave there is nothing to explain...

Pink is pleasure. All slaves love Pink!


Jonas is back! Bottle of scotch + AApunisher + Anabella = total wallet draining

After severe forced intoxication session Jonas couldn't stop himself. I was really excited to use AApunisher on him. First of all, I would like to send apology to the creator of this wonderful toy. When I first heard about AApunisher I did not think this simple ring could be so much fun! Let me explain how it works: A slave wears a ring and any Mistress can touch the ring and decide how much money can be taken directly from slave's account. Simple, but brilliant at the same time! It's priceless to see slave like jonas totally humiliated in front of everyone in the club while I took his L$10,000. It took me a few minutes, because each time you click on AApunisher's ring - menu shows up and you can decide how much you want to take from his account - for example 10% :) , so if you want to take 10,000 it will take a while:) Jonas went to bed with L$0 on his account... ForcedIntox is being transformed into human furniture as you know. He is doing great so far. He still talks too much and nobody likes walking or talking furniture, right?! But I'm working on that part:) The good thing is that he tributes very well, I got 2 x L$5000 when I was offline and it always excited me the most. Additionally, he is paying L$1000 each time he wants me to sit on him (remember he is a bench now). So L$15,000 is a good score :)) Congratulations forcedIntox

But this is not all! He is such a devoted slave that he wrote "Ode to my Goddess Anabella"

Goddess Anabella is my Goddess, my Mistress and my Owner. She took my heart, my body, my brain and my soul. She changed my appearance and my life. She also changed my personality. She is in my thoughts every days and every nightsi am just one of Her piece of furniture. i am happy and proud of this new lifei am totally owned by Goddess Anabella. She does not only own my mind, body and soul, but all my properties. Thank You for all Goddess Anabella

* * *

And take a look at this lovely letter received from ForcedIntox:

After watching carefully at Your trances, this slave finally understood his position towards Your beauty and will never be disrespectful. This slave will always do as he is told without questioning anymore why he has to do what he is told to do. This slave accepts to surrender totally to You : his mind, body, soul and properties belong to Goddess Anabella. This slave was just born and created to serve his Goddess in all ways She decides. This slave is ready for the ultimate slavery and will never say no anymore. He just cancelled this word from his vocabulary. This slave will always do ALL to please his Goddess.
The ultimate goal of this slave is to become Goddess Anabella's number one slave, no matter what he has to do to achieve his goal.
Therefore, this slave is ready for any kind of trainings, any kind of actions, and any kind of agreements to prove to his Goddess that he learned his new mission towards his beautiful Goddess. He will be always below Her !

* * *

Everyone should learn from him! Especially the part about cancellation of word 'no' from dictionary!!!

Lee is a new toy of mine, I can't say a lot about him because I met him today for just a few minutes, but he already cought my attention by adopting 3 of my bills! He is going to pay $L1500 per week for my jewelry, L$1500 per week for corsets and L$500 for hats. It looks like I'm about to go shopping this weekend and spending some of his money:) sweeet

I received L$1,200 from a total noob who attached credit card to his account just for being able to tribute a real Goddess! I can say only one thing: This boy has potential!


Forcedintox Gotter said...

Yes Goddess, this is true that i am now totally devoted to You ! i am just Your cash pig piece of furniture for ever and nothing else Goddess. Thank You for what You did to me Goddess.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I mean... really? LOL.
This is just... kind of disgusting.