Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another great weekend with Goddess

I get many messages from people who really like my hypno trances. thank you so much for your support I would like to inform you that 3 new trances are almost ready and they will be for sale very soon, so keep checking my blog for latest news or just join a group in SL called 'HypnoMist' as soon as I'm done with new trances you are going to get a notice in that group, so if you really like what you have seen so far - you should join a group. If you think past trances were 'so so', you should join as well, because next ones will be much more better and more intense :)

Female slave hazumu is working as an escort in my club and of course most of her income and tips are going to stright to me:). Last time I received L$1400 from her in a very friendly and respectful way. You should know that she is not owned by me, she has another mistress. I'm such a wonderful Goddess! Even slave owned by someone else is sending hard earned cash:)
L$2000 from neil. I got a key to his chastity device! Yes! Isn't that amazing? I love chastity games and there we go, here comes neil and offers himself as a total slave for a week. Guess how many times I will have a chance to use him :) Oh and remember neil: I want to see you online very soon or else there will be punishment. The good thing is that he agreed to pay L$2500 for each day if he remove his chastity belt without my permission. :)
slave jon paid few 1000 tributes and it looks like I got total of L$5000. Not bad, however I don't know if any of you slaves have visited my Temple lately?!?! There are like tons of bills waiting for 'adoption'. I guess somebody who was responsible for paying the bills didnt even care to check if their bill expired or not. I already kicked out ForcedIntox for being so rude, no I think the rest of you need to seriously think about your position! Especially , you spankme! I gave you orders a week ago and you are so lazy! your ass will be whipped next time I see you (this is serious!)new slave boy kitty spend L$3000 on Goddess, actually we went shopping together. He is a very handsome boy! Maybe I will post some pics of him so the rest of you can get jealous! haha

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