Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Public Humiliation of PayPig Tovar

Most people in SL want to have cool name and look so good or at least they try to accomplish this. What about PayPig Tovar? Nah.. not him, he was born to be a loser. He is a total loser in rl and there is no other way for him but to be a total loser freak in SL. He has the most ugly avie in the entire universe and the worst thing is that his avatar is "very close" to him in real. hAhAhA At least that's what he says.. can you belive this? Dumbass is disgusting, and that name..PayPig. lol somebody like that is screaming for attention lol
I used this cash cow long time ago, but now he is back with new idea. He claims to be the most dedicated reader of my blog and a big fan (I know this is bullshit, but whatever). so this wimp was begging to be totally exposed on my blog. He wants his avatar's first and last name to be public along with his ugly face. Of course I dont care what this wimp wants, so I told him to f*** **f. haha
But fat pig continues to beg and claims he would love to be drained like a total loser. I liked this idea better, but still I didnt want to mess up my blog with pics of such ugly person. After *hard* negotiations I came up with this proposition:
- I want to make any modifications to his body/outfit
- he needs to provide any info I want (for blackmail purposes)
- bottle of vodka must be present on his computer desk during our session
- not only his name, but also screenshot of his profile will be displayed
- tribute must be SEVERE

He agreed without even thinking, of course I gave him 5 minutes to think about it and left him in the cage. He agreed to all my terms. I wanted to modify his body to something funny looking, but to be honest there is nothing else you can do with somebody looking like him. Since this slave loves latex, he had a choice to buy two of my old used outfits! Can you imagine that?!
The first one was : Kill Bill Costume, yellow latex outfit from the movie Kill Bill
second one was gothic nurse :), wimp admitted to have skirt fetish and wanted to wear nurse costume. lol He had to pay L$10 000 for each costume! LOL.

This is how he looks like in gothic nurse costume! omg.. no comments... really hahahha
After paying L$20,000 for each costume I took another L$25,000 from him, just for fun.
So PayPig Tovar, like in your dreams, you are publicly exposed, drained and used and the most funny thing is you paid L$45,000 to make you like this - hahahah
What about the rest of you slaves? Do you have any dreams?
Goddess will make you happy :=)

I had enough of those rude IMs from sleort and gave him absolutely severe punishment including hard ass & chest whipping and some CBT. It looks like he is going to think about his behavior in the future *giggles
And at the end, little sissy m. sent L$1000, looks like she is craving for some attention!

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Anonymous said...

I want to be next! I'm ready for total destruction for you!