Saturday, May 31, 2008

Typical Reader

Another great day for Goddess Anabella:) and I'm richer than yesterday. lol This is because most of readers of this blog are little junkies addicted to Anabella :-) You can't live without checking my blog at least once a day. You need to read the latest news from the most perfect Goddess, and of course you look at the pics, over and over again. Then you go to SL and pay, pay, pay... This is a typical day for typical reader of this blog - you can't deny it. Don't belive me? Oh, just look in the mirror and ask yourself: How much should I pay HER today?

ready to kiss?

jon and his 8000L tribute after his ass met my dildo LOL, no comments :)

I didn't even have to make him drink today:)

Sleort is addicted and I can see that. So I am sure now that his training so far was very successful and I can proceed with level 2: Obedience - Obedience - Obedience

next time I'm going to wait for him with obedience test :D

Hazumu finally got money for her first serious tribute. L$3000 and L$500 earlier today. She begged to be used and humiliated. I thought she would be the perfect to promote my club, and I was right! Hazumu was offered as 'a slut of a day' for just L$1! Wow! You can't imagine.. it was hard to find her a customer *giggles

This is a good idea for a regular event, maybe once a week? Of course, each week different slut would go as slut of the week'. Send me propositions if you are interested to become my slut for rent hahaha

spankme always pays his bills on time, but lately he became a very lazy slut. Next time I catch you online your ass will be summoned directly to the dungeon!

Zirg of course paid my rent again, but don't be fooled - he needs a lot of discipline otherwise he forgets about his tasks as a slave.

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