Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life couldn't be better!

Another great success! HypnoMist after weeks of preperation is now ready! What is HypnoMist? It's a system which helps a slave to enjoy hypnosis sessions. You have seen simillar solutions around Second Life. It is a machine in form of a chair, you must sit on the chair in order to enjoy a hypnotic trance. The good thing is that you do not need to pay for your HypnoMist chair. Each time you buy a trance, you will get a chair for free. You must rezz the chair on the ground and sit on it. That's it, the trance will start, so there is nothing complicated about it. I created just two trances so far and make sure you understand me correctly. The two trances are called Pink Mist, and they are two parts (there will be 5 parts to come). In order to enjoy full hypnotic experience you must start with Part I, and then proceed to the Part II. The part III will be coming soon and will be very different from two previous parts, because first two parts are introduction to the phenomenon I call Pink Mist. Of course there will be other trances on various topics, I'm working on them so please be patient.

Where can you buy my trances? Currenlty only at Platinum Escort Club, but I plan to expand and place my stores around SL for your convenience. My slave spankme is working on the list of the best malls :)

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