Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You are going to loose this game! You know that!

Do not even start to play your silly game with Goddess, you will loose no matter how hard you try! Just serious warning to all of you who have any doubts! If you are a poor noob with no money you better charge your account using your credit card or you get muted! That's another warning for all new people who are trying to waste my time. Trust me, I can find out very fast if you are worth my attention, so don't play any stupid games with me! And if I don't ask you for money it doesn't mean you shouldn't send it! Good slave always know when and how spoil the Goddess! So if you are new don't you ever let me tell you to send tribute, because the best way is to send money before you IM me. Unless you are a true loser and want me to force you to take that money from you and give you orders to send more and more to satisfy my greed. However initial tribute is a must if you want my attention, what happens next is just up to me. I may drain you dry or just take a little bit. It depends on my mood. Money makes me wet, there is no doubt about it, there is nothing better than taking your last lindens from you. So suffer for me, because here I am... The Real Goddess and you already lost, but spending money on me is the best thing you can do in your pathetic life. Soon your live will change forever and nothing will stop you to send more. In other words: Poverty & Satisfaction guaranteed

let's start with the most loyal pay piggies. spankme is not online as often as I would want him to be, but still he remembers about his Goddess. Here we go:
L$500, L$500 , L$500 , L$500 , L$500, L$500, L$500, L$1,000 , L$1,500, L$1,500, L$1,000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$4000
Total : L$20,500

Forced... thats a long story, he supposed to be my forced intoxication slave, but what happens is that he got drunk for me only once! How come? We really need to repeat that!
At least he knows how to spoil the Goddess: (notice L$15k transfer! *evil grin)

forced: L$1,000, L$2,000, L$1,000 , L$15,000, L$1,000 L$500 L$1,500

Total: L$22,000

slave jon, the one who I used to hate a lot. He gave me some hard time and I really wanted to kick his dumb ass out of my Temple. Finally little piggy changed his attitude! Hot wax + severe whipping is the great way to educate any beast

jon: L$1000, L$4000, L$3000, L$10,000

total: L$18,000

I miss slaves if I don't see them very often and then I get very angry! I noticed that Zan is going online only to pay my bills. Hey zan! You should do more than just this! What about serving your Goddess in person?
Zan: L$1,500, L$1,000, L$500
Total : L$3,000

everybody knows sauran :) If not you should read my previous post. His girlfriend left him because of me:) haha. and guess what! She actually asked me to use him as much as possible because he deserved it. I can't agree more!

sauran L$500, L$500, L$500, L$500, 1000, L$500,L$500

Total: L$4,000

Hazumu is a new girl! Another perfect example of a female money slave. I have some plans regarding her, but first I need to let her know what I decide to do with her slave flesh!
Hazumu L$350, L$300, L$350, L$350, L$800, L$322

total: L$2,122

sidrick had a chance to spend only 15 min with me, but he promised to come back. I'm waiting:)


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