Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slave Actor Wanted!

I uploaded another video on youtube! It's called "Meet the Goddess".

I got many messages from fans and I decided that it is time show youtube community how whipping of a slave looks in SecondLife. I think the video will be no longer than 2 minutes. And this is the opportunity for you! You have a chance to be famous! I'm looking for a good looking slave who would like to get his ass whipped by me! You must have a really good shape and skin, plus you should not be afraid to show your SL name in public. I will need to shot the same scene few times to make it perfect, so you should give me at least 60 minutes. This is a good opportunity for any slave who cannot afford to pay for a meeting with me since I will not charge you for the time you spend with me. However, please not that this is not a BDSM session, you will have a chance to spend at least 60 minutes with me as a slave actor.
If you are interested to participate in this whipping video, please send IM or notecard to Anabella Spark, explain why I should choose you, if you attach pictures of your avatar it would be even better.

Good news for everyone addicted to PINK :) Part III is released! You can purchase it at Platinum Escort Club. I created another trance as well called "Ultimate Slavery - Part I" If you think about submitting to Goddess this trance will help you a lot!

slave jonas promised L$5000 during forced intoxication session, and guess what.. of course he didn't remember it the next day! So he needs to pay L$5000 otherwise there will be no intoxication sessions for him! ohh too bad, you should see how desperate he is now. I think he's going to drink even morejust to forget about his debts lol. So far he paid L$2000, plus L$1000 in seperate tribute while I was dancing
Who would pay L$5000 for permission to lick my boots? Of course slave tim. We just know each other for a few days and this pet is already addicted haha. When you start spoiling Goddess, you will never be able to stop!
Sleort! Oh yes, this slave is very loyal pet, but I really couldn't take it anymore after he failed to take off his clothes in my presence! Remember slaves! When you are in dungeon, in front of Mistress, you should appear naked! This should be obvious to everyone! There are consequences for such lack of respect! Sleort paid L$4000 for a session with me, but since this slave was not able to to remember how to behave, I just locked a loser in the cage! HAHA This puppet quickly realized his mistake... Click this screenshot and read how this poor bitchboy is beggin to take his money. :)

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