Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tons of Money, New Trance, First Video!

For everyone who just couldn't wait... First Sissification/Feminization Trance is here! I worked very hard on it and it rocks! You should really get it today! Remember I do not take any responsibility of your actions after you experience with this amazing trance! You are doing this on our own risk! :-) Especially when you dream about latex, being a sissy maid. As usual you can get HypnoMist trances at my club. Currenlty, I'm working on a trance for financial slaves:) or actually for people who want to become a financial slave:) this is going to be even more intensive trance since it's my favorite subject as you know:)
Finally, I was able to find some time and get together all your tributes from a couple of days. And it looks like slave jon is the winner this time! But the rest of you did not bad at all, but of course it always could be better. Names of some big spenders are below, the rest of you did not deserve to have your name on post this time. Especially one drunk Swiss monkey - you know who you are...

This is my first video taken in Second Life, This is a test, but who knows if you spoil me well, maybe I make something serious.

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