Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goddess strikes back!

ForcedIntox is now totally owned by me, he adopted 4 of my bills (L$4,000, L$4,000, L$6,000 ,L$4,000,L$2,500) not bad huh? but that's nothing yet. I will keep him as a human furniture in my club, so everyone can sit on him. haha I will make this slave suffer !
Ceo is a completely new slave or rather a sub and I already was able to take L$5000 from him! He is going to be another addicted boy without any chance to go back to normal life again:) alright I don't want to scare him :) so I will not describe all my plans toward him...

same day sorian sent L$5000 :) just for permission to be my whore ...hahaha she will work very hard at Platinum Escort Club to satisfy all horny men and at the end of day whatever she made goes to me:) sweet! let's pimp that baby:)
hypno is back as well, her brain is completely programmed by hypno mist trances. it is so easy and funny to use her and take as much money as possible in very short period of time. she is a total addict or I should rather say a hypno junkie lol
There is nothing better than shopping trip :) L$4,500 spent on me by this sexy boy. It took only 30 min to drain his wallet... Sorry boy.. next time you need to bring more cash if you want to satisfy my greed:)

just L$1000? WTF?
zirg paid as usual.. good but next time stay for more than 5 seconds :/
sissy marcus sent L$2008 when I was offline. (i love offline tributes hehe)


Go to my Temple and adopt at least one bill! Good luck! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Woot! You go girl! I love the blog and your clothes.
You wouldnt share the secret where you go shopping at, would you :)