Thursday, July 30, 2009

The quick L$10,000

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Absolutely new record! I received a tribute of L$10,000 and it was actually done even quicker than my previous L$6000 tribute from j.n! Can you belive that? :) And the most exciting thing is that the tributer was a girl! I always say that girls rule even when they are submissive! So imagine that, this sweet girl approach me and just asked stright if she could pay me to work as dancer in my club for one hour! First of all, I tried to explain that we don't hire people for only one hour and there is no need to pay money to be a dancer at Platinum Club. I just thought she misunderstood some of our rules, and comparing to the number of fake clubs and typical criminals who just steal ideas and money from people everyday offering some wannabe clubs, I wasn't surprised that some people can get confused. But she wasn't confused and admitted to be my secret admirer and she wanted to pay me because I deserved it! So sweet, especially that she is a girl.
Here is the conversation:

[17:53] Sxx Xxxxxx: Hi sweety :)
[17:54] Anabella Spark: hi
[17:54] Sxx Xxxxxx: I have a funny fantasy of sorts I think might enjoy lol. How much would it cost to be a Platinum dancer for an hour? :)
[17:55] Anabella Spark: we dont hire people for an hour heh
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxx: noooo, I pay you :)
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxx: to be a dancer for an hour :)
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxxx: I said it unusual ~giggles~
[17:55] Sxxx Xxxxxx: well funny
[17:55] Anabella Spark: why would you pay me
[17:56] Anabella Spark: doesnt make sense
[17:56] Sxxx Xxxxxx: because am crazy and I not make sense :)
[17:56] Sxxx Xxxxxx: why do men open their wallets to you anyway? they just crazy :p
[17:56] Sxxx Xxxxxx: this a quickie way to make free money :)
[17:57] Sxxx Xxxxxx: 10k for 1hr? :)
[17:57] Anabella Spark: sure :) hehe
[17:57] Sxxx Xxxxxx: kay
[17:57] Sxxx Xxxxxx: I'll abide by all the terms you have for a Dancer for 1hr :)
[17:58] Sxxx Xxxxxx: but have to give me a dancer tag for 1hr :)
[17:58] Anabella Spark: Invitation sent. your tag should be Platinum Dancer, if for some reason it displays Platinum Escort please go to Contacts -> Groups -> Platinum Escort Club -> Info -> My Active Title to change your title
[17:58] Sxxx Xxxxxx: wait sec :( have to remove a group
[17:59] Sxxx Xxxxxx: okay ready again, sorries.
[18:00] Sxxx Xxxxxx: ~bounces excitedly~ can you invite again? I had to remove a few groups.
[18:02] Sxxx Xxxxxxi: Thankyou! ~kisses cheek and waves~
[18:02] Anabella Spark: hmm ok
[18:03] Anabella Spark: no, I knew one day this will happen. People will pay to get a job at my club :P
[18:04] Sxxx Xxxxxx: hahaha ~laughs and smiles~

So cute isn't it? I doubt all of you male slaves can think 500 years and would never figure out how to make such a nice way to tribute. Or maybe I am wrong? Prove that you can be creative as well. I'm waiting for new ideas to make us all laugh, if you are good enough you may even read about yourself in my next post:)

slave p.t paid L$7500 and is willing to pay all my SL bills, I'm not sure if he knows how much I really spend, because you are not the only one who love to spoil myself. I like to spoil myself too and I never count money when I go shopping:) Usually, I go shopping alone, unless a slave is willing to carry bags behind me and keep his credit card in his mouth just waiting to pay bills.

slave o. bought 25 things, mostly clothes, on xstreetsl as a gift. It's a nice way to make me happy as well, however never do this without contacting me first because I want to decide what kind of shit you are going to throw in my inventory lol. I would love to see xstreetsl having feature to create wishlists! mmm.. so slave o. spent over L$20,000 for shopping on xstreet for me. So after thinking about it, I decided to create my own wishlist on xstreet. I will simply post links to specific product on there and you will be able to click the button "Purchase as a gift" button. But remember since there is no wishlist feature, you will always need to contact me in SL before buying anything - because I need to be online in order to accept inventory. am I right? At least this is what the warning window says when you buy anything on xstreet.

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