Thursday, August 20, 2009

Changes are coming

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So bishes..I didnt post for a while because I have been busy with my new project. I can't say a lot about it because it is still under development, so I need to keep it secret for a while till final exposure. For all of you horny paypigs I must disapoint you because my new project is not about financial domination but rather about escorts in SL. I hope this project will completely revolutionize the way people find escort girls in Second Life and other 3D worlds. Yes... There are more 3D worlds coming this year and for sure Platinum Club as the best club in SL will want to expand beyond Second Life grid. All latest changes made to SL by Linden Lab will take effect soon and you never know how community will react to those changes, one way or another people are pissed off by Linden Lab recently more than usual and you can feel revolution. There is no chance that they can even make up all those mistakes recently made in last year (if you follow SL blog you know what I'm talking about). They are basically more and more a pain in the ass nothing else. Did you know that LL recenlty bought It was the great service for all merchants in SL and they had nice independent forums. But of course now all of it will be gone soon and they also want to abandon the forums and move everything on their forums. Someone wanna be a monoplist here, dont you think? Well.. it wont happen. Something like that never works and people will fight this. Ah wait...they already are...

For those of you (and I hope all of you) visit Platinum Club , you probably notice a new machine from they are a bunch of smart people who decided to develop alternative to xstreetsl. Recently they also going to introduce the payment system connected to paypal. So this will work similar to xstreetsl. I hope they succeed thats why I'm going to support them in any way I can. Because people always stand up against any corporate bullshit, too bad LL doesnt get it and they try to make our live more and more difficult.

So soon you will be able to buy or sell linden dollars through atm at Platinum Club. so you can spoil your goddess and maybe tip other girls in the club as well:)

When it comes to my project, well I'm currently working on it and soon announce it. this will change the way you find escorts in Second Life. I'm sure girls and boys will like it.

* * *

soo.. now lets focus on some paypigs.. I know you are waiting for more reports about me raping wallet's of some old/young/smart/stupid losers. First of all the biggest sissy bitch I ever seen. Very addicted, very easy to manipualte and cums hard when I say. thats what I like hehe.
she paid over L$20 000 lately if I count corrently. in the last weeks she came and wanted to be used and abused. hypno sissy made even script in adoration of me. Soon you will be able to buy it in my HypnoMist store. Its a sort of hud, you wear it and pictures of Goddess come out of you. Very clever:)She is such a good slave. There is nothing better for a mistress like a slave who comes and begs for being used like a total bitch. Used financially and sexually, mmm. perfect combination for peanut brains like you.

Masturbation is the most addicting habit for most of typicial losers like you thats why I decided to create a group Cock Control Domme to catch bitches like you who cant control your cocks. And I must admit it was like a spider web. So the group is catching 90% of losers. The rest 10% are to stupid to find the group, so i'm not interested in total morons like that. hahaha.
Slave A* jerk off loser lost over L$20,000... I gave him masturbation instructions and let him pay for more.. he coudnt control himself and had to jerk off till getting entire account empty!

Are you proud of yourself slaves?

If you didnt tribute me this week! You shouldn't! So what are you waiting for?

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