Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gimme your money - how simple is that?

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Sometimes it is worth to wake up early. Especially at 6 am and take a look at some horny zombie losers bouncing around SL. They are usually online all night and couldn't find any way to get off. So they stay up late looking for desperate release. Usually typical zombie loser is 50% more desperate than normal cash cow slave and even a few minutes is enough to get turn them on. Like PayPig T. typical cash cow slut, while I was sleeping and dreaming about more money this idiot was bouncing around SL looking for that perfect Mistress to abuse him, but of course he coundn't find her because I was offline haha. So when I logged in at approx. 6 am he already send 5000L and IM with many beggings for attention. How could I refuse to milk this stupid brainless cash cow. I made him use his credit card and buy US$100, but this was not enough for him so when I was done with this pathetic pig called for some reason human atm I had L$67,000 on my account and this moron was broke but at least he could get a final release and go to bed. I hope at least he took a shower before that, because fat pigs like that smell really bad in rl, maybe in sl they look so nice and cute fatty pink piggies but we all know the truth.

Slave S. paid $L5000 in total yesterday and today he told me that he had the best orgasm and don't need to cum for at least a month. I just wonder what his girlfriend thinks about this. He always masturbates while she is sleeping and usually she wakes up after he cums hard into his hand. Then he logs off and probably runs away pretending he couldn't sleep and had to count sheeps. Another so called perfect citizen :)))

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