Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pay Per Stroke Game

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Typical day for you wankers: You come here every day, drool at my pictures, you get all warm up and then go to SL. You land in the middle of the ocean because last time you got kicked or banned from the previous place for walking around naked with your dick out. You open search and look for some fun or you watch carefully your friends list, if you see my name, you hit it and write your ugly messages about how much you admire me, and how you need to be humiliated, taken advantage of, how you can't stand your addiction and you need release, you need to be used, you need to pay...
I laugh at you hard and take your money, and you get even more excited and send more cash - all your hard earned money sooner or later will end up in my bank account. You can't control your addiction. But the most weird thing of all is that you absolutely love it! hahaha you love every second of it! hahaha and it makes me laugh so hard every day when I look at your pahtetic faces!
Now... slave m24 is one of those who is drooling at my pics almost every day, I know he comes back again and again. He is not really 24, but 20! haha I wonder why he is keeping 24 in his nick, maybe he tries to look older. He is a typical masturbation addict , though he admitted that he didnt cum for at least two weeks. hmm.. I decided to play Pay Per Stroke game with him. He had to pay each time he wanted to stroke his pathetic cock. those of you who played with me know that I charge 250L per stroke, and I am serious about it. but I allowed him to go for 100 per stroke. First he bought 5 after a while 7, then 10, and it went on... imagine that huh. He wasnt able to stop. And he HAD to buy another set of strokes right after, I ended up with L$5082 in my pocket. 82 was his last money remaining on his account. hahaha I told him buy another 1000 hahaha and when he thought its finish , I took his last 500 :) Also ordered him to cum on the floor and lick it like man...errr like a loser I mean :)
sissy h. addicted but little weak today she paid L$2000 and then disapeared again after short hypnosis session in IM. her mind turns off after some trance...haha it's so funny.
slave v. paid another L$5000! this time we finally met, but not for long. told him to pay more tributes when I am offline so I dont need to see him hahaha and he agreed! lol
slave h. took me to the store again, actually twice, we went to buy shoes and today other clothes. The shoes I got are absolutely fantastic! My feet look so perfect in them. I will take pics tomorrow so dont forget all you foot fetishists to visit my blog for next post. I'm sure you wont be able to resist. Along with shopping spendings and tributes slave h. paid me over L$8500 today and I absolutely love the way he tributes. I dont even need to remind him!
* * *
Some of you should learn from good slaves mentioned on my blog, if you think why I dont write about you, then you are right.. maybe I hate you and i dont want your name to be here!?

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