Friday, July 10, 2009

New Trance Released!

Finally, I was able to release a new trance. This one was written as a custom trance for sissy f. and she paid L$10,000 for it. But you the rest of sissies and slave boys can buy this trance in my HypnoMist store for just L$799. This is very unusual trance. You won't find anything like that in previous HypnoMist trances. First of all, it is extra long, so you can go deeper, it's more intense than previous ones and includes a lot of humiliation and training. This is the trance every sissy must buy!
* * *
How to buy it?
Go to Second Life and click Search button at the bottom of the screen, then choose Places and type HypnoMist. Simply teleport to the store.
Find my profile in SL, and click on Picks in my profile. You will find HypnoMist landmark there
* * *
Why I just don't post slurl link in here? Oh .. I don't feel like it. I guess you will need to think a while and find out the store. It's not that hard anyway. I know your shirnken brains work slow, but you gotta suffer bitches:)
* * *

I'm in the middle of a new photo session, so my new pics should be online very soon. So far a lot of slaves sent tributes. M24 over L$4000, sissy f. sent over 15,000, another sissy I had session with, I was transforming her into a girl, but she was already transformed so we did that second time, it was fun, our next session will focus on rl, I will make her wear sexy rl clothes and maybe do little more if she's good.
I met a new slave h. , he begged for my collar.... and was following me almost all day, he sent like over L$40,000 already and it was only within last two days. I'm gonna like this one:)
the most funny thing is... he has a sl wife. We jsut hang out in her home today ROFL..
* * *
I'm preparing a big surprise for all my followers. So watch my blog very carefully.

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