Saturday, February 16, 2008

ivan lost 20k

Holly (the Platinum Manager) had a really good idea of creating the Lap Dance area. From now on all girls can take their clients to the nice and quiet lap dance area in the club. The good thing is it's totally free and some of animations include BJ. :) *giggles

* * *

Thank you to everybody who pay my bills regularly. Some of you 'forgot' to keep their promise and after a week you abandoned your bill - I have only one word to say: *muted*
Yes, That's what I do with you if your bill expire! hahha and ask me if I care? because there is actually no way for you to check out if you are muted! (unless we are in the same room which won't happen LOL)

* * *

This is a very funny story about how ivan lost L$20 000. I wasn't even online and this fag sent 20k with a request to add me to his friends list! WOW! That's a good sub! isnt it? hahha no I just laugh because what a loser you had to be to pay 20k for somebody else to add you as a 'friend'
hahaha you are the official loser of the month ivan!! total idiot!
he said that he's looking at pics on my blog regularly. Good to know, what about you take a look at this picture:

hypnotic isnt it?! ROFL

.....send another 20k ivan....send another 20k ivan....

and the rest of you at least 1k :P LOL

* * *

hypno is alive! yea! pink sissy is back and got drained for $L 3000 the first day:)

* * *

Zirg is the real pig! hahahahah this sissy slut is back and after hard session she begged me to kiss my ass, take a look at this sexy pics:

6 x $L1000 + $L1500 = $L7500 - this is what you get when you are a total addict to Anabella:)

on the other hand, just look at this perfect ass! who wouldnt want facesitting?

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