Monday, February 18, 2008

Of course I wouldn't be myself without taking some money from you poor pigs. The funny thing is that cheryl after his forced intoxication session doesnt even remember how much money he sent to me :O and the most important thing that he agreed to be a DJ in my club! LOL Stuff like that really piss me off, when you ugly clowns promise something you better keep that promise or there will be consequences. I just simply mute idiots who do not keep their promise. I'm serious about it, same thing goes with paying my bills, when you sign up, you better make regular payments. I dont like to think about money when I'm shopping. haha. So cheryl wallet got more empty yesterday. He had to pay my bill L$1000 and I got nice tribute in the donation box while I was offline: L$5000. Later that day we met in my club and again cheryl had to pay: $L2500 and $L2500 for being a stupid ass slave, because he didnt know about his promise! And he found out about being a DJ at Platinum reading my blog! What a stupid drunk monkey lol. Anyway, being stupid around me cost you even more, so total tribute of L$11000 from cheryl yesterday :)
Zan paid his bills on type today. very good zan! I'm looking forward to see you soon!
Remember that guy ivan? He paid 20k to be on my list.. and in my last post I told this idiot to pay another 20k! Just because if you are so dumb to play a 'rich paypig' then you should keep it up. But of course he wasnt able to pay that much again ahahah and now everybody know what a dumb loser he is. The tribute I got from him today was L$2500. Well.. where the hell is the rest of my money, asshole? You still owe me $L17500! So better figure it out how to get money or I will simply mute your poor ass. Really guys, if you try to impress me do not make yourself to look like a fool. hahaha

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