Friday, October 12, 2007

new pics for all of you

I got many msgs from you begging to publish more of my pics. Today I decided to make you happy and publish some new pix taken today. I hope you are going to enjoy them. btw. I love my glasses:) lol... I would like to wear sunglasses more often, but there are not many nice hair styles which could really look good with large sunglasses. On the other hand, you money slaves tribute pretty good, but of course I know you can always do better :D so work harder for your Mistress!!!

hypno - over L$ 2600, this cocksucking sissy is totally under my control
slave jon - his initial tribute was L$1000, but after conversation with me, he actually decided that I should 'clean' his account. Well ..what could I is always pleasure to rape slave's wallet. jon lost all his lindens that night : L$15667 ROFL
New boy briayan sent $L500 , but i didn't want to talk to him, he begged really nice and sent L$ 4500 in total. Good boy brayan.
Some other slaves sent tributes less than $L1000 , so I won't even mention that - when you tribute do it with respect. LOL

now... stare at my pics for a few minutes and contact me in SL:)

btw click on images to enlarge them

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