Friday, October 5, 2007

sissies work very hard

Since this blog is new. I need to tell you what happened during this week. Three days ago 'hypno' paid over L14000, mind of this sissy slut was so out of control rather I should say under my control! As you probably know, I own a club in SL, well there are certain fees to pay such as rent. But the good thing is that my very devoted paypig 'Zirg' pays my rent every week and that's L2900. Additionally, yesterday she sent L600 just because I look amazing. She is such a good and devoted sissy.
* * *
I get many messages with questions such as "can I be a whore in SL and bring all money to you". Well, if you are a guy that probably will not work, but I can always tranform you into a sissy and you can start your new job :) sissy 'hypno' is working for me in this way and she earned L2000 so far. I hope you try better next time :)
* * *
Two days ago slave 'Zen' had very interesting conversation with me. He was sending tribute every 2 minutes or so, he spent L12000 in total that day. I think that's pretty good for a pay pig like him. Today (Friday) 'Zen' couldn't resist and sent around L6000. Keep working hard for me slave! See you soon.
* * *
And now some new pics taken today. It would be easier if some professional photographer could do my pics, I just hate doing this by myself.

Mistress wants you :)

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Finally! I hope your blog will be a great success.